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Douglas 63rd Aviation Cadets

Aviation Cadets (Douglas 63rd AAF Aviation Cadet Information)

This page contains a database of the aviation cadets who trained at Douglas from 1942 to 1945.  Most went on to become pilots, navigators or bombardiers in World War II. They were sent to every theater of war.  Many did not return.  Others became prisoners of war.

If you know the class your cadet was in, click the link below.  If you want to search by name, enter the name in the search box at top right.

If you have further information about any of these cadets or others who were involved at Douglas, please contact us.

Douglas Aviation Cadet Class Years (click links for more info)

For an excellent account of training, requirements and feelings through the eyes of one of Douglas’ cadets, William F. Hanchett, click here (a PDF will open in a new tab).

Source of the aviation cadet information and the Douglas Air Base staff archive

The personnel archive is based on letters, pictures, yearbooks and any other documents that have been donated or made available to the World War II Flight (or Flying) Training Museum and Douglas 63rd Preservation Society.

Paul Schlundt

Paul Schlundt Paul Schlundt as cadetThis site is dedicated to Paul Schlundt, who worked for 30 years accumulating the lists of cadets, personnel and trainers found above. His personal contact with the many men and women who served our country and who were involved in the Douglas 63rd AAF Flying Training Detachment led to volumes of correspondence and photos that documented the history of the Douglas 63rd. Much of the information in this site is possible because of the dedicated commitment of Paul Schlundt.

Additional information was obtained from Steven Burris, whose collection of WWII officer information has proven invaluable in expanding our knowledge of our cadets and what happened to them after they left the Douglas 63rd AAF FTD. Thanks also goes to Sue Harrington, who has spent countless hours searching for cadet information in MACRs, newspapers, and obituaries.

Contribute Cadet or Air Base Staff Information

We are looking for information about anyone that received their training at the 63rd Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment in Douglas, Georgia or personnel who worked at the base. This would include, but is not limited to biographies, pictures, letters, and/or updated information about the individuals we do or do not have now. It is this kind of information that has helped us build our Aviation Cadet database above and the Douglas WWII Air Base Staff database. Please contact us to arrange for contributions to our database.

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