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Silas E. Cloud

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Silas E. (Si) Cloud

Douglas Class of 1944-GSilas Cloud in front of his plane

S/N: O-835607

Born: Nov. 22, 1921

From: Eldorado, Ill. later living in Evansville, Indiana

Theater: European. Deployed Sept. 26, 1944. Flew 29 missions in Europe.

In Nov 1945, he married Ann Wilkerson, who worked at the canteen on the base at Douglas, GA

From Mar. 1, 1945 Daily Journal of Eldorado, ILL:

Awarded Air Medal

"An Eighth Air Force Bomber Station, England. - Second Lieutenant Silas E. Cloud, the 24-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Cloud, of 1627 South Morton Avenue, Evansville, Ind., formerly of Eldorado, Ill. has recently been awarded the Air Medal for meritorious achievement in aerial combat.Silas Cloud, Ernest B Smith, John Bassee, Francis Spires

"Lt. Cloud, a co-pilot on the B-17 Flying Fortress 'Hedge Hopper,' has participated in fourteen daylight bombing assaults against the Nazi war machine in Europe.

"One of the 14 missions took Lt. Cloud to Giessen, Germany. The target was an enemy airfield. It was exceptionally clear that day and he could see flashes of German anti-aircraft guns as they fired at the attacking formations of B-17 Flying Fortresses. Lt. Cloud's plane was hit by shell fragments as it proceeded over the target to drop its bombs, but the 'Hedge Hopper' made its way safely back to England without casualties, to report good bombing.

"Lt. Cloud was also on a bombing mission over the heavily defended city of Cologne, Germany, situated in the heart of the Ruhu industrial area. Over the target, one of his B-17's engines failed, but in spite of this difficulty it returned safely to its base.

"Before entering the AAF on February 18, 1943, he was employed by the Republic Aviation Corporation in Evansville. Since his arrival in the European theater of operations on Sept 26, 1944, Lt. Cloud has been serving with the veteran 305th Bombardment Group.

"Lt. Cloud has a brother serving in the armed forces, Cpl. Burtis W. Cloud, who is somewhere in France."

After the War

He stayed in Douglas and worked at Douling Furniture Co (2/46-6/47) and Douglas Flying Service crop dusting for Billy Joe Dukes (former instructor) (6/47-7/47).

Silas CloudHe moved to Fernandina, FL where he worked until called for active duty instructor Jan. 24, 1951-Sept 19, 1952. He was recalled again in 1953 for a short time to active duty during the Korean War. He went back to the Reserves to Feb 10, 1955. In July 1962 he was made Major. At the time his career ended, he had Top Secret Clearance, close to 50 missions, having flown in B-17s, B-29s, A-16s, and other aircraft.


From undated newspaper article:

"First Lieutenant S. E. (Si) Cloud this week received orders for active duty with the air force. He will report on Jan. 26 to Maxwell Field for processing and then be assigned to duty at Randolph Field (Texas) where he will instruct B-29 pilots.

"Lt. Cloud was a B-17 pilot in World War II, having flown 29 missions in the European Theatre. For the past few years he has been connected with the Fernandina Furniture Company but resigned that position Jan. 1. His wife and children will join him at his Texas station at an early date."


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