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John Joseph Barcynski

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John Joseph Barcynski

Born 1923
Died: May 29, 1945

Pacific Theater

Wife: Dorothy Barcynski

Of Lebanon, PA. and Palmyra, PA.

Merrill Nelson was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: O-823249.

He was in the 504th Bomb Gp, 398th Bomb Sqdn. On his 23rd mission, on May 29, 1945, his crew was flying a B-29 (S/N: 44-69970) on a mission to Yokohama, Japan. From an army communication (see cable in MACRs):

"Approximately 15 seconds prior to "bombs away", the captain sustained a hit in number 2 engine. He remained in formation. Radio contact was made and formation slowed down slightly to make it easer for him to remain in formation. Immediately following bombs away he was hit again, this time between number 3 engine and navigator's compartment. Twenty holes of varying size were seen in that vicinity. Number 3 propeller immediately stopped and aircraft dropped out of formation. Radio contact was attempted but unsuccessful. Aircraft was followed down to 12,000 feet from 18,000 feet. Stricken ship started a spiral and was in excess of 300 miles per hour air speed. No parachutes were observed and radio contact could not be established. After further interrogation of crews involved in this flight, some doubt exists and a missing in action status is warranted."

The entire crew was buried together in Saint Louis, Missouri at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

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