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Charles A. Wallace

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Charles A. Wallace

Theater: European

Highest rank:

Died Oct. 1, 1992 Wife: JeanetteCharles A. Wallace photo

S/N: O-790311.

From Jackson, Miss. Wade Coleman was his instructor. He was a Combat Navigator on B-17’s. He was based in Africa and Italy in 1943.

From his correspondence: I washed out at Douglas. Went on to navigation school - Turner Field, Albany, Ga. Commissioned class 42-9 -- same date as Class 42D's graduation which was 7/4/1942. In 1943 was in combat -- 301st BG - B (Bomber Group), its 12th and 15th AF. He remembers cadets Moss as a rebel, Schwanbeck as a Yankee (a good one), Waters as a Georgia boy, and Valentine--the day he soloed it was so windy they almost had to shoot him down - he made 7 passes at the field.

Schwanbeck, Thomas, Russell, Wallace Waters, Stevens, and WilsonWade Coleman and Charles Wallace

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