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Lloyd Shelton

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Lloyd Shelton

Lloyd Shelton

Theater: Pacific

Highest rank: Lt. Col.

From his correspondence: My primary class of 42-D was the first class to ever go to Douglas. As I remember, we arrived there on or about Oct. 1, 1941. The school was a contract school operated by Raymond Brinkerhoff (sic). Since we were the first class, we did not have any upper classmen. We did not appreciate it until we went into basic in Augusta. At Douglas and Augusta we were continually being buzzed by P-40's that were stationed at Waycross and A-20's stationed at Savannah. The citizens of Douglas gave each and everyone of us keys to their city and several classmates married girls from Douglas. Douglas (to us) was a wonderful hospitable southern town.

Our class graduated first twin-engine graduates in S.E. command in april of 1942. Nine-five percent of our class went on to multi-engine schools and wound up in the Pacific in the very early days of the war. However, I "lucked out". (I did not think so at the time, but certainly learned to appreciate it later.) Due to a very minor medical problem, I was not assigned at the same time as my classmates and when I wwas assigned, it was to A.T.C. This was like being assigned to a country club for the next two years. In April of'44 I was jolted severely by being sent to India for the express purpose of flying the "Hump". I did this for the next 13 months. I went on inactive duty on Jan '46 until the Berlin Air Lift. Back on active duty for another five years and returned to inactive duty. I stayed active in the Reserve for a total of 28 years and retired as Lt. Col.
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