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E. J. (Jack) Setterich

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E. J. (Jack) Setterich

(Also known as Lance Winslow Sinclair)

Theater: Pacific and European

Highest rank: Lt. Col.

S/N: O-789211.

of Thomasville, Ga. He graduated from Turner Field. He became a B-24 Pilot in N. Africa. He returned and was transitioned to B-29’s and sent to the Pacific. He went to Saipan or Guam and made his tour of missions to Japan. Wallace, Schwanbeck, Setterich, Siminski, and Rex photo

After the war he took some time off but eventually went back on flying status. He was a personal pilot for Gen. Curtis LeMay at SAC for 7 years.

He totally reoriented his life by changing his name to his wife’s family name: Lance Winslow Sinclair. He retired after 20 years. He then went to Ohio State Univ, receiving a degree in Communications and went to work for Boeing in Seattle. Later he worked for the Dept of Transportation in Tallahassee, FL. Later he returned to Seattle where one day he went to the grocery store, and while returning he was killed in an auto accident about 1990.

Information from Daniel L. Kelly of Thomasville, GA.


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