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Edward M. Rex

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Edward M. Rex

Douglas class of: 1942D Edward or Jon Rex in publicity photo

Theater: European

Highest rank: Colonel

Birth and death dates: April 16, 1921 – April 3, 1980

Enlisted: 2 Sep 1941 in Rochester, NY

From Fairport, N.Y. Went to school with, served, and flew with his brother John Leo Rex. See the write-up on John Leo Rex for more information.

He and his brother flew in the following:

He and his brother were discharged in November 1945 and entered the University of Rochester. They applied for and received Regular Air Force Commissions in January 1946.

He finished school at the University of Rochester and was then assigned to teach at the Wright Technical at Dayton, Wright-Patterson. From there he went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as commander of the AF ROTC Unit.

Detachment 550 at R.P.I. was established in 1949. Major Rex organized the detachment around 97 cadets. The Air Force ROTC detachment was the last of the three branches to be represented on campus. By 1950 the total number of cadets in the wing had increased to 264. In 1951, the cadre grew to 7 officers and 6 enlisted airmen to meet the growing demands of the rapidly expanding detachment.

He went on to M.I.T. and received his Masters and Doctorate. His last active duty assignment was as Base Commander of the Rocket Testing Site, Edwards AFB.


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