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Paul Marquis Means

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Paul Marquis Means

Paul and Lois Means

Pacific Theater

Highest rank achieved: Captain

Born: 16 Mar 1919. Died: 3 Aug 1998.

Enlisted: 4 Sep 1941 in Pennsylvania.

Wife: Lois Means.

S/N: O-789193

Guy Smith was his Instructor at Douglas. He recalls his roommates at Douglas were Dick Prentice who was killed in the European Theatre and James B. Moore and Bill Misko, who were washouts. Misko ended up in Colorado Springs as a pharmacist.

After Douglas, he went to Augusta and then to Albany for training. Paul graduated from Turner Field. His first duty was flying B-26s on sub patrol out of Westover, MA. From there he went to Charleston where he flew B-34s on sub patrol.

After the navy took over sub patrols, he was transferred to the 7th Air Force flying B-25s. He flew 50 missions against the Japanese. He then returned as an instrument instructor to Turner Field to teach ILS procedures.

Since the war he was an airline pilot, first starting with Penn Central, which after management changes became United Airlines. He flew DC-3s, DC-4s, DC-6s, Vickers Viscount, B-727, and DC-10, finishing with 25,542 hours logged.