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(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers in April 15, 1945)

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Squadron 3, Class of 1945-B

Squadron 4, Class of 1945-B

Squadron 4, Class of 1945-B, expanded with identifications

Addems, William G.
Served for 3 years. After the War, he was a member of the Stearman Rehabilitation Association, the Experimental Aircraft Assoc, and the Prairie Aviation Museum in Bloomington, IL. [Source: his obituary in The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) 11 Oct 1990, Thu, Page 16].
2nd LT
Born Aug. 31, 1920. Died Oct. 9, 1990. See FindAGrave.
Married Beatrice Shives in Elizabeth, NJ on Dec. 6, 1945 [Source: The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) 15 Dec 1945, Sat, Page 5]
Addie, L. Dee
Flight Officer
Born May 3, 1920. Died May 14, 1984. See FindAGrave. Married Evelyn Neely on April 13, 1945 at Columbus Army Air Field in Mississippi [Source: The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana) 29 Apr 1945, Sun,Page 51]. Married Esther Johnson on Nov. 16, 1974 [Source: his obituary in The Reporter-Times (Martinsville, Indiana) 16 Mar 1984, Fri,Page 14].
Baker, David Elmer
Ken Landis was his instructor at Douglas. He soloed at Douglas August 24, 1944. He graduated S/N:O-842091. He lived in Lynn, MA until 1951. He went back into the service for the Korean War. He stayed in the service. He was killed on Feb 17, 1955 in a plane crash in South Dakota.
Click here for a group picture.
Virginia Baker, wife.
Of Rapid City, SD.
Barber, Phillip W.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Basinas, Andreas V.
Becherini, Albert Joseph
Graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-842008. 2nd Lt.
See FindaGrave (although death date is recorded incorrectly).
Click here for his wedding picture.
Ladd, Illinois
Born February  16, 1921
Died July  05, 1989
Bolton, John Calvin Jr.
Brand, Joseph W.
Brandt, Mark E. Jr.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Brennan, Paul J
Broderick, James H.
Brody, Harry James
Enlisted Mar. 20, 1942. Student Officer: 2nd Lt. He was promoted to 1st Lt. while overseas with the 4th Bombardment Wing.
Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, DFC. Discharged Aug. 4, 1945 after completing 49 missions. See FindAGrave
of Montana
April 20, 1918-Aug. 2, 1957
Dawson County Cemetery, Dawson Co, MT
Married Irene Jeanne Gertison on Jan 29, 1944.
Brosky, Edward
Student Officer: 1st Lt. He graduated as a bombardier from the Class of 43-06 at Big Spring AAFd, TX on the 22nd of April 1943. His picture was found in the class-book "The Shack 43-04 at BS Big Spring AAFd", which can be found online in the "Army Air Forces" Item 299 Sub-item 3 page 16.
Brown, Louis Lamar
Bob Howell was his instructor.
Click here for a group picture.
"Flight Officer U.S. Army" per gravestone (see FindAGrave).
From his obituary [St. Petersburg Times (FL) - Tuesday, October 1, 2002]: "He was a retired rural carrier for the U.S. Post Office and served as an Air Force pilot in World War II."
Born Sept. 25, 1924 in Lakeland, FL.
Of Crystal River and Sun City, Florida
Died Sept. 28, 2002 in Tampa, FL, age 78
Brungs, Sebastian Joseph
Graduated from Blytheville, AR. T-69206
Oconomowoc, WI
Buford, Roy E.
Burry, Charles E.
Bush, J. E.
Caliendo, Edward Joseph
Graduated from Craig Field, AL.  S/N: T-69206.
Chicago, Illinois
Carlson, Victor Arthur
Graduated from Craig Field, AL. S/N: T-69322
Emporium, PA.
Carrico, Thomas Wallace
He graduated from Craig Field, AL  S/N: O-842116, 1LT.
See See FindAGrave
Born 17 Jun 1919, Died 29 Jan 1972 (aged 52)
Buried Willwood Burial Park, Rockford, Illinois
Casey, Francis J.
Cloonan, Regis P.
Cole, William James
Cool, Bryce Wesley
He finished flight training. He went to OCS and made Lt. Col.
From his obituary [Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO) - Tuesday, April 27 & 30, 1991]: "He was employed by B.H. Baker Construction of Casper. He was an Air Force veteran of World War II and active in the Carpenter's Apprenticeship Program."
Click here for a group picture.
Of Colorado Springs, CO
Born July 21, 1922, in Miller, Neb
Married April 30, 1943, in Colorado Springs, to Betty Bartell.
Died April 21, 1991 in Casper, Wyo.
Copenhaver, Richard Wendell
Kenneth Landis was his instructor at Douglas. Click here for a group picture. Basic at Greenville, MS and Advanced at Craig Fld, AL. He was flying P-40's at Napier Fld, AL. when the war ended. Lieut.
From his obituary [Daily Times, The (Maryville, TN) - Monday, January 28, 2008]: "He was a veteran of World War II, a pilot in the Air Force."
He was in Squadron 4 at Douglas (see photo above). Click here to see him with his PT-17
Of Ovando, Montana
Born October 26, 1921
Died January 25, 2008, in Maryville, TN, age 86.
Costello, James Richard
Rundlett was his instructor. He graduated from Craig Field, AL. S/N: T-69325 and was assigned to Dothan, Alabama when the war was over. He was flying P-40's.
Obituary: St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) - Monday, February 1, 1999
St. Paul, Minnesota
Born July 24, 1925 in St. Paul, MN.
Died in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Jan. 28, 1999.
Cotner, Gail Jack
Graduated from Craig Field S/N: T-69326. Later, on June 15, 1945 he had a landing accident resulting in a belly landing in an AT-6C, tail ID: 42-43863. He may have been an instructor at Craig Field.
Cuddeback, Hanford C. Jr
Davidson, Walter Lea
Bob Howell was his instructor. He was S/Sgt while at Douglas. He had basic at Cochran, Ga. and advanced at Craig Field, AL. S/N: O-842116. He was in gunnery training at Elgin Field when the war stopped. He was discharged October 3, 1945. 1st Lt.
Click here for a group picture.
Virginia Davidson, wife
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Day, Richard B.
Dennis, Richard William
Bob Howell was his instructor. He had Basic at Greenville, MS. and Advanced at Craig Field, AL. S/N: O-842112. He was in Fighters and in gunnery training when the end of the war was declared. He stayed in the Reserves and retired as Lt. Col. He has been flying and the owner of airplanes in his business career.
He was in Squadron 3 (see photo above)
Click here for a group picture.
Marilyn Dennis, wife.
Of Santa Rosa, California
Donegan, Edward P. Jr.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Dorr, R. J.
Duke, O. D.
Durborow, Donald G.
Eagle, Lon E.
Eckels, Richard M.
Elliott, Norman J.
After the war ended Norm served in the Reserves while attending college at the University of Illinois on the GI Bill. He graduated with both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering. After moving to Albuquerque in 1952, Noman went to work for Sandia Laboratories as an electrical engineer. During his time there he was able to work for a time at the Nevada Proving Ground when certain nuclear tests were being conducted.
Capt. Aida Cortinas Elliot, wife. Of Albuquerque, N.M. Born June 19, 1925 in Carmi, Illinois. Died November 8, 2018 in New Mexico. Buried Santa Fe National Cemetery.
Epps, Byron H.
Bob Howell was his instructor. Click here for a group picture.
Estes, Calvin G.
S/N: 16189084. Served for at least 18 months at the gunnery school at Tyndall Field, Pensacola, FL
Born 1925
Of Birmingham, MI.
Evans, James L.
Farr, Edward J. "Pete"
Finnegan, Robert Allard
Robert graduated from Craig Field, AL. S/N: T-69332. The war was over and he was discharged before he went overseas
Milwaukee, WI.
Fletcher, James Lawrence
Born on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Parksley, Virginia on Feb 14, 1922. He graduated Parksley High School 1939. Before becoming an aviation cadet, he was in the Civil Air Patrol flying antisubmarine patrol. At Douglas, John Bassee and Jimmy Lillich were his instructors. (See him in PT-17 with Lillich). He graduated from Craig Field, S/N: O-842118. Like others in this class, the War was over before he went overseas. Click here for more information.
2nd Lt.
Feb 14, 1922 - Dec 2, 2016
Wife: Maybelle Fletcher
Click here for his picture on his PT-17 at Douglas.
Flo, Theodore J.
After Douglas, he went to Greenwood Army Airfield, Miss. He graduated as a Flight Officer. He served for a total of 27 months.
of Battle Creek, MI.
Married Nancylee Walsworth Sept. 11, 1949.
Born June 27, 1925
Died Sept 2, 2008.
See his obituary here.
Flynn, James Vincent
He graduated at Craig Field, S/N: O-842119. 2LT. While at Douglas, on Sept 28, 1944, his PT-17 (tail number 41-3595) experienced a mechanical failure, and he had a forced landing at Dorminey Aux Field, 5 mi W of Douglas, GA.
Reached the rank of 1LT.
Born Oct 17, 1920
Died Aug. 28, 1997
(see FindAGrave).
Ford, Basil G.
Froid, Ervin Gilbert
Ervin entered the service in September, 1943. He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-841443. He became a fighter pilot instructor. He attained the rank of Captain and was discharged in 1947.
Fremont, Neb
Born 24 Jun 1918
Died 19 Dec 1993
Fulmer, Paul E.
Gaffey, William Lloyd
Graduated from Blytheville, AR T-69240
Macomb, Illinois
Gammel, Harold Adams
Harold graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-842015. He stayed in the Reserves, flying AT-6's even though he graduated in Twin-Engine. Most of this was in Madison, Wisc.
Helen Gammel, wife
Of Monterey Park, CA.
Garber, Robert Lee
He graduated from Craig Field, AL. T-69335. He was just getting started flying fighter when the war was over.
Ruth Garber, wife.
Of  Metamora, IL.
Garner, Samuel C.
Landis was his instructor. Click here for a group picture.
Shreveport, LA in 1944
Garver, James H.
Gebhardt, Fred M. Jr.
He graduated as a bombardier from the Class of 45-15B at Big Spring, Texas on June 9, 1945. Rank: Flight Officer.
From Nashville, TN
Born 9 May 1922
Died 22 Dec 1999
(See FindaGrave).
Gelms, Robert K.
Became a bombardier and graduated with the Class of 45-155 (18 July 1945) at San Angelo AAFd, Texas
From Chicago, IL
Born 01/06/24
Died 01/30/09
(See obituary).
Wife Virginia Nally
Gibson, David B. Jr.
Glickfield, David
Gomes, Frank William
Graduated from Craig Field, AL. S/N: O-842119.
Hollister, CA
Born February 13, 1920
Died August 9, 2006
Good, Robert G.
Gooding, Harry W.
Goodman, Frank Harold
Gouker, Delbert Jr.
Granholm, Roland F.
Gregory, William Lane
Graduated from Blytheville, AR.  S/N: T-69259
Griffiths, Norman Edward
Graduated from Craig Field, AL.   S/N: O-842168.
From his obituary [Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) - Tuesday, February 11, 1997]: "worked for the customer engineering department of IBM Corp. in Philadelphia. He served in the Army Air Corps during World War II in Panama."
Born E. Landsdowne, PA
Died Feb. 5, 1997 Age 75 in a Bryn Mar hospital.
Grigg, Robert S.
Groth, Roger Howard
Roger graduated from Craig Field, AL, S/N: T-69339.
Marie Groth, wife.
Of Saugerties, N.Y.
Guyaux, Ralph L.
Haggerty, John David Jr.
Graduated from Craig Field, AL   S/N: O-842121
Clarenden, PA
Halterman, Earl C.
Hammermeister, Rudy Fred
Graduated Craig Field, AL.   S/N: T-69340.
Franklin Park, Illinois
Hance, Raymond Edward
Graduated from Blytheville, AR  S/N: T-69263
Wyandotte, MI.
Hancock, Charles Edward
Graduated from Blytheville, AR  S/N: O-842027
West Medford, MA
Haralson, Lonnie Jr.
Lonnie washed out at Douglas and became a Tail Gunner on a B-29.
LaGrange, Ga.
Hargreaves, Francis J.
Harmon, Paul F.
Hartline, James Howard
Hartman, James L.
Hendon, Homer L. Jr.
Hilder, David L.
Hinn, John Smilie
Graduated from Craig Field, AL.   S/N: O-842124.
Chicago Illinois in 1944
Hobbs, Lyle D.
Hoerger, James William
He graduated from Blytheville, AR.  S/N: O-842033. His service was all in the USA. He was discharged from the Reserves as a 1st Lt.
Obituary: San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) - Wednesday, April 1, 1998
San Diego, CA
Died March 29, 1998 at the age of 77 years.
Wife Betty "Dottie" Hoerger
Hooper, Robert L.
Hotte, Albert P. L.
Hughes, Gilmer E.
Hughes, Walter C. Jr.
Hutton, Thomas D.
Graduated from Blytheville, AR S/N: T-69272
Farmington, NM
Johnson, Samuel Jr.
Jones, Glenn William
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-842098. On Sept 12, 1951 at 6:45pm, he was piloting a T-11 training plane with another officer and was cleared from the flight tower in Memphis, TN to make a 3rd and final landing on its routine training flight. A thunderstorm was raging and the flight tower warned of 15-20 MPH gusts. Witnesses said a yellow flash shot from the plane's engine and a trail of black smoke came from the engine. The plane then crashed. He and 3 others were killed. He was 31 years old. [Source: Greensboro Record (Greensboro, NC), Thursday, September 13, 1951, Page: 28.
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Jones, Robert H.
Jylkka, Arthur E.
Karp, Edward W.
Killmever, Louis G.
Kinnison, Lewis Albert Jr.
Kleven, Torger L. Jr.
Klukaszewski, Harry Joseph (Later changed his name to Lucas, Harry Joseph)
Robert Wilson was his instructor at Douglas. Click here for him with his Stearman. Basic was at Greenville, MS and Advanced was at Craig Fld, AL.
From his obituary [Valley News Dispatch (New Kensington, PA) - Wednesday, August 31, 2005]: "Mr. Lucas was a World War II Army Air Forces veteran and retired in 1987 from Local 12 of the Sheet Metal Workers."
Dorothy Napierkowski Klukaszewski, wife.
Of  Brackenridge, PA
Born Aug. 3, 1925, in Natrona
Died Aug. 30, 2005, in Winfield Township, PA.
Koch, Merton Herold
Graduated from Craig Field, AL.  S/N: O-842127.
From his obituary [Peoria Journal Star, The (IL) - Tuesday, February 20, 2001]: "He was a World War II Army Air Forces veteran, a pilot with the rank of second lieutenant. He attended Electrical Training Trade School in Chicago. A member of Caterpillar Retirees Club, he worked for Caterpillar Inc. for 40 years, retiring in 1978 as a superintendent of maintenance at the York Plant in York, Pa."
Born Aug. 22, 1917, in Benson Illinois.
Married Dorothy Janssen on June 28, 1941, in Roanoke
Died Feb. 19, 2001 in Peoria.
Kostrzycki, Jerome Joseph
He had been in the R.O.T.C. at Penn State Univ., then in flight training. He graduated from Craig Field, AL.  T-69343. His service was all in the U.S.A.
Rose Kostrzycki, wife.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Kotichas, George James
Graduated from Craig Field, AL T-69344 (Note that Robert Waller Lee is shown with the same number). From obituary [Orange County Register, The (Santa Ana, CA) - Tuesday, January 25, 2005]: "of Fountain Valley, a retired salesman"
Bell California
Died Jan. 17, 2005 Age 80
Krebbs, Charles L.
Larson, George Waller
Lee, Robert Waller
Graduated from Craig Field, AL   T-69344 (Note that George James Kotichas is shown with the same number)
Philadelphia, PA
Little, Leslie H.
Litton, Ronald W.
Loring, Howard W.
Lucier, James R.
Lyon, George F.
Lyons, James E. Jr.
Maloney, Raymond T. Jr.
Mancuso, Philip
Mandella, Alois Theodore
He graduated from Craig Field, AL.  S/N: O-842169. After the war he worked for Boeing in the Los Angeles area. That plant was closed and he moved to Washington State and worked for Boeing there. 2nd Lt.
Evon Mandella, wife
Of Snohomish, Washington
Markland, John David
Graduated from Craig Field, AL.  S/N: O-842170.
Sante Fe, NM
Marohnic, Charles W.
Martindell, Milton Howard Jr.
Mattingly, James Felix Jr.
Class 45B was extended to 15 weeks instead of the usual 10 weeks. They were given 90 hours instead of the usual 60. Jim went to Basic at Greenville, MS and graduated from Blytheville, AR on Apr. 15, 1945, S/N: O-842058. Records show he was a Captain in the USAF reserves in 1958. He stayed in the Air Force until 1974 and then retired as a Lt. Colonel. He had 5250 hours pilot time.
Harriet Mattingly, wife
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mattson, Stanley W.
Mayol, James P.
McFarland, Walter S.
McLaughlin, Robert Parker
Graduated from Blytheville, AR.   S/N: O-842099
Bennington, VT
Mehan, Andrew Joseph
Graduated from Blytheville, AR.   S/N: O-842059
Philadelphia, PA.
Meima, Roy E.
Mercer, Ralph E. Jr.
He washed out at Greenville, Miss. He became an Armorer in B-29's.
Mary Mercer, wife.
Canton OH.
Michel, Herman Richard
Harold Strutz was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Blytheville, AR. O-842060. His service was all in the USA. He stayed in the Reserves and made Captain.
June Michel, wife.
Of Elgin, IL.
Miers, William Daniel
Lloyd Treadaway was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Craig Field, AL. T-69348. He was discharged shortly after graduation.
Virqinia Miers, wife
Allentown, PA
Miller, Russell F.
John Bassee and Lt. Pringle were his instructors at Douglas. He washed out on his 60 hour check at Douglas. He went to the Mechanic’s School at Keesler Field. He then became a Mechanic/Crew Chief on C-46 and C-47’s for the rest of his service. Then he earned his degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He served in Korea as a Group Engineering Officer. 1st Lt.
Mitchell, George M.
Monroe, John S.
Moore, William Paul Jr.
Morgan, Francis J.
Morris, George Joseph
Graduated Craig Field, AL. S/N: T-69349.
From his obituary [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA) - Monday, February 23, 2009]: "George was a first lieutenant in the Army during World War II and a was a retired ceramic engineer for U.S. Steel research facility in Monroeville. He was a 1939 graduate of Penn State with a B.S. in engineering and, in 1948, he earned his Master of Science from Penn State. In 1965, he was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Interment with military honors will follow at Plum Creek Cemetery "
Of Hatboro, PA
Died Feb. 21, 2009, age 95
Moser, Theodore E. Jr.
Mueller, Arthur J. Jr.
Mullane, Philip O. Jr.
Myers, Eugene E.
Nettles, Zack K. Jr.
Newberger, Donald Walter
Newton, Harry Campbell
Harry graduated from Blytheville, Ark. S/N: O-842066. His Service was entirely within the USA, flying bombers. 1st Lt.
Pat Newton, wife.
Of Portland, Oregon
Noble, Delbert G.
Norris, Frederic F.
Ober, Harold E. Jr.
O'Conner, Leo M.
Olita, Charles W. Jr.
Olsen, Paul Anthony
Graduated from Blytheville, Ark. T-69294.
Blawnox, PA
Olson, Robert E.
Oswalt, Owen L.
Owen graduated from Blytheville, Ark.  S/N: O-842101. He served from Truax Field, Wisc. Later was called to fly RF-80s in Korea. 1st Lt.
Kathryn Oswalt, wife
Of Newton, Iowa
Owens, Stewart E.
Parker, Robert V.
Patey, John R.
After Douglas, he went on to Greenwood Army Airfield, Greenwood, Miss. for Basic training.
Of Berlin, WI
A former student of Lawrence College, Appleton, WI per The Lawrentian, Dec. 1, 1944
Penn, Lee B.
Perez, Joseph Anthony
Enlisted Chicago, Illinois 1944. Born 3 Apr 1925, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Died 29 Mar 1995. Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin.
Phelps, Orlin R.
According to his obituary, after high school "he left to join the Army Air Corps working his way to serve as a Fighter Pilot before his discharge in 1945." See
March 25, 1924 – January 27, 2015.
Born in Beaumont, Kansas
Phillips, Willard L.
Pinkham, David W.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Powell, Billy D.
Priebe, Earl A.
Quarles, William H. Jr.
Probably the same William H. Quarles, Jr. found in findagrave as Major U.S. Air Force after serving in World War II and Korea.
William H. Quarles, Jr.
Picture donated by Ed Scaramutz.
Quatrochi, Salvatore P.
Ravert, William A.
Raymond, John C.
On Sept 4, 1944, he had a forced landing due to engine failure in a PT-17 (42-16504) 5 mi E of Douglas, GA.
Richi, Robert L.
Did not graduate.
Robert L. Richi
Robert L. Richi on the flight line at Douglas.
Roberds, Jack Sanford
Graduated from Craig Field, AL S/N: O-842743.
From his obituary [Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise (OK) - Friday, May 7, 2010]: "Jack was a Design Engineer in the oil and gas industry for many years. He served in the Army Air Corps late in WWII as an instructor pilot. That love of flying continued as he flew light airplanes and gliders until later in life."
Of Wellington, Illinois
Born on May 26, 1921, in Pittsburg, Kansas
Died May 4, 2010 in Bethany OK.
Wife Elizabeth Roberds.
Roberts, James P. T. Jr.
Of Arabi, LA in 1945
Roesler, Richard G.
Roy, Donald D. P.
Runge, Ted L.
Russell, John W.
Sager, Fred D.
Saunders, Gilbert H.
Saunders, Richard C.
Scaramutz, Edward V.
George W. Lonnegan was his instructor at Douglas.
From his obituary at "Ed pursued his dream to become a fighter pilot by joining the U.S. Army Air Corps (which later became the U.S. Air Force). [He went on to Sarasota Army Air Field for transition training in fighters, namely P-40s and P-51s and finished just as VJ Day came.] He was among the last class of Army Air Corps Aviation Cadets to complete the program near the end of World War II.

By 1960, he had received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the highly regarded Northrop Institute of Technology in Englewood, California. Upon graduating, Ed moved to Boulder, Colorado to work at several preeminent aerospace companies, which included work on the cryogenic system for the space program. Ed entered the U.S. Air Force Reserve, and after retiring as a Major, wrote a book based on his military and early life experiences."

Scott, Dean E.
Joe Goyne was his instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Gunter Fld, AL and graduated from Columbus, MS. 2nd Lt.
Sue Scott,wife.
Of Glendale, AZ.
Scottebo, Paul L.
Seward, Donald M.
Sharp, Carmen E.
Shattuck, Joseph Boardman Jr.
He had Basic at Greenville, MS and Advanced at Blytheville, AR. He became a Flight Officer.
Marie Shattuck , wife
Of Salisbury, Mass
Sheidy, Herbert S.
Shields, Stanley E.
Simonis, Ronald K.
Sitton, John M.
Lillich was his instructor at Douglas
Elizabeth Sombat, wife
Of  Cleveland, OH.
Songer, Franklin W. Jr.
Sonye, Frank C.
Sperry, Alfred Madsen
Sprowl, Paul L.
Stallwood, James A.
Stevens, Daniel E.
Stickney, Howard B.
Howard graduated from Craig Field, AL. T-69369. He was discharged very shortly after he received his wings.
Helen Stickney, wife.
Of East Thetford, VT
Sullivan, William T.
Svendsen, Frank N.
Swanton, Deane M.
Sweeney, Clarence A.
Sweeney, David B.
Tapscott, Hunter P.
Terry, Willis C.
Thompson, Thomas Galen
Lillich was his instructor at Douglas. He had basic at Stewart Field NY. He graduated from Moody Field, GA. He went into B-25's. Retired from Nat. Guard as LTC.
From his obituary [Dayton Daily News (OH) - Thursday, July 21, 2005]: "a 1945 graduate of Piqua Central High School and veteran of World War II and the Korean War. He was a member of the American Legion Post 184 for more than 50 years, the VFW Post 4874, the local military Honor Guard and the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Lodge 614."
Jeanette (Brown) Thompson, wife
Of Piqua, OH
Died July 11, 2005, age 79
Tomb, Clark E.
Treasure, Harold B.
Treat, Oshal R.
Trinkle, Harold Stephan
Harold graduated from Craig Field, AL. T-39369. He was discharged very shortly after receiving his wings.
Alice Trinkle, wife.
Of Orleans, IN
Tyszka, Chester J.
Viaille, Delbert D.
Student Officer: 1st Lt. See FindAGrave. Buried Levelland Municipal Cemetery, Hockley County, Texas
Born Apr. 12, 1921
Died Jul. 15, 1946
Volz, Charles H. Jr
Became an instructor of Mexican pilots in 1945 at Napier Field, Alabama.
Weatherly, Harley B.
Welsch, Raymond F.
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-842088.
Archbald, PA.
Born Oct. 22, 1923
Died Jan. 26, 1989,
Paoli, Chester County, PA
See FindAGrave
Welsh, Francis M.
Weyrick, LeRoy Jr.
S/N: O-664852 He flew his tour of missions with the 99th Bomb Group 348th Bomb Squadron as a bombardier and received the Air Medal with nine Oak Leaf Clusters during the middle of 1944. He had graduated from bombardier school with Midland Class of 42-13.
He apparently applied for pilot training in anticipation of the Invasion of Japan and began his training approximately the 7th of August 1944 with the Class of 45B at Douglas, where he was a Student Officer: 1st Lt.
See FindAGrave:
LTC World War II, Korea
Born Mar. 22, 1922
Died Aug. 27, 1979
Buried Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, TX
Whipple, Arthur C.
Whitehurst, Neil
Wilkes, Charles E.
Willcutt, Jack E.
Williams, Eugene D.
Wills, Harvey D.
Worchesky, Nicholas N.
Yaskiewicz, Stanley
Zentz, Lloyd M.

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