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(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers on February 1, 1945)

Allen, Forrest Franklin Jr.
Frank Pressley was his instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Cochran, GA and graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N O-840331. He instructed in B-25’ s at Moody Field. Then ferried surplus aircraft from Georgia to California. Next he was in the 1st Troop Carrier at Austin TX. He had 4 years in the Service.  2nd Lt.
Jean Allen. Wife
Of Lincolnton, N.C.
Alley, Guy Houston Jr.
Frank Pressley and Orville Pierce were his instructors at Douglas. He had Basic at Cochran Field, GA and graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: T-68141. He was flying B-25’ s. They were about to be shipped over seas when the Bomb was dropped. They stayed in the U.S.A. He stayed in the Reserve for 6 to 8 years. 1st Lt.
Fran Alley, wife
Of Hendersonville, N.C.
Anderson, Virgil M.
Andrews, Charles Leon
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840332) 2LT
Ruth O'Connor Andrews, wife, per Friday, September 29, 1944, Greensboro Daily News (Greensboro, NC), Page: 17
Armbrecht, Louis Phillip
Bagenski, Dale P.
Barrett, Francis Patrick
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840337) and was attending the Emergency Rescue School for B-17 Dumbo crews at Keesler Field when on December 17, 1945, he was killed in a flying accident.
Bernabeo, Joseph A.
Berryman, William Martin Jr.
Berstler, Herman E.
Blair, Warren E.
Bleakley, Kenneth Jr.
Bodine, Hartley Lorimar
Bohmer, Robert E.
Bolie, Victor Wayne
He had Basic at Macon, Ga and graduated from Moody Field, GA. He taught at Moody for a time, then served in the Pacific including the Philippines & Okinawa, flying C-46's.  1st Lt.
Click here for his impressive biography (a PDF)
Earleen Bolie, wife
Of Albuquerque, N.M.
Bollinger, Willard Eugene
He had Basic at Cochran, Ga and graduated from Spence Field, GA. S/N: O-840461. He was in B-29’s. He then was in the Reserves. Major
Springfield, IL
Boos, Thomas G.
Boudreau, Harold Sherwood
Bowen, Samuel J.
Brooks, Walter J.
Buchanan, Shafter W. Jr.
Bussman, George J.
Student Officer: 2nd Lt. From his obituary [Peoria Journal Star, The (IL) - Wednesday, June 5, 1996]: "He was employed at Summer Products Co. of Bartonville for 41 years, retiring as a machinist in September of 1978. He was a World War II Army Air Force veteran."
Born April 17, 1913, in Peoria, IL.
Died June 3, 1996 in Peoria.
Caile, Dominick J.
Student Officer: 1st Lt. He graduated with the Bombardier Class of 45-13 at Childress AAFd, May 17, 1945.
From New Brunswick, NJ
Carroll, James W.
Chamberlain, Clarence A.
Chaney, Whitmal W.
Cihak, William Edward
Coleman, John J.
Comperatore, Michael Joseph
Cook, Floyd E.
Cooper, Murray (no middle initial)
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840348). The American Air Museum in Britain lists a Murray Cooper in the 356th Fighter Group, 359th Fighter Sqdn, but it is not confirmed that this is the same Murray Cooper. See
Cramer, Thomas L.
Creighton, James B.
Darrah, Ralph Edward
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840353) 2LT
He was killed on Oct. 7, 1952 when a C-47 he was flying as co-pilot crashed in the fog on the fringe of the Philadelphia Airport. A cargo of 3 crated engines hurled forward in the crash, crushing him and 2 others in the crew. The plane had intended to land at Mitchel Field, NY but fog prevented it from landing there or at LaGuardia. Source: Wednesday, October 8, 1952, San Diego Union (San Diego, CA) Page: 2
2LT, Capt at time of his death.
Of Las Cruces, NM at time of his death.
Buried in Massachusetts.
Dean, Arthur Ward
Dickhaus, Donald W.
He graduated with the Bombardier Class of 45-345 at San Angelo AAFd (Sept. 12, 1945)
Dougherty, James J.
Graduate of Class 45A at Columbus AAFd S/N: O-841546.
From what is probably his obituary [Philadelphia Daily News (PA) - Monday, February 24, 1986]: "A World War II veteran, Dougherty was a 1939 graduate of Upper Darby High School and enlisted in 1942. He earned his wings the following year. In his first combat assignment, he ferried supplies and personnel to U.S. and British troops fighting on the border of Burma.
During the Berlin Blockade, he was part of the American airlift. At various times he was stationed in Germany, Turkey, Newfoundland, Greenland, Okinawa and the Philippines. When he retired in 1970, he was a senior commander at McGuire Air Force Base."
Retired as Air Force colonel.
Died Feb. 20, 1986, age 65.
Above info per obituary.
Drews, Russell Henry
Duggan, Morton B. Jr.
Eddens, Raymond T.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Edwards, Clyde V.
Elias, Sanford Byron
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840362) 2LT
From OH
Ellis, Chris Thomas
Chris graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: T-68172. He then flew gunnery students at Buckingham Field till the war was over. He was discharged as a F.O.
Emerick, Robert
He graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: T-68174
Emge, George E.
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 45-17 at Childress AAFd, June 13, 1945.
From Baltimore, MD
Everett, Willis Louis
Ferguson, Theodore Jr.
He had basic at Cochran Field, GA and graduated from Spence Field, GA. S/N: O-840489.  After the war he became an Airline Pilot. 2nd Lt.
West Seneca, NY
Friday, Irwin D.
Friedman, Jerome V.
Friedman, Jerome V.
He had Basic at Cochran Field, GA and graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: O-840370. He was then a flight instructor and spent about 8 years in the Service. Capt.
Tallahassee, FL
Gallagher, William J. Jr.
Gallander, Earle J.
Galphin, Larry Tatum 3rd
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840372) 2LT
Grout, Frederick Henry
Harrington, Robert W.
Hartman, William J.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Hartvig, Douglas M.
Hayes, Francis W.
Hervey, Robert Seymour Jr.
Of Coraopolis, PA
Hughes, William Francis
John Siegman was his Instructor at Douglas. Click here for a group picture.
He was awarded "Most Outstanding Cadet" commendation. He had Basic at Cochran, GA and washed out of Advanced at Moody Fld, GA. However, he became an officer S/N: O-840445 from Special Orders.
Of Sheffield, PA.
Click here for his pictures
Jones, Louie S.
of New Britain, CT.
Died 1953
Kalush, Florian
Of Chicago, IL
Ketchum, Hugh Wilson
John Siegman was his instructor. Click here for a group picture. He had Basic at Macon, GA graduated from Spence Field, GA.  S/N:  O-840504. He spent 6 years in Active Duty and 28 years in the National Guard. Lt. Col.
Mary Ellen Ketchum, wife.
Of Ridgeland, Miss.
King, Lewis Jr.
Kliven, John W.
Krafft, Arnold
Ken Landis was his instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Cochran, GA and graduated from Spence Field, GA. Click here for a picture at Spence Field. He was sent to a B-29 Flight Engineering School. He then instructed B-29 flight engineering until he was discharged. 2nd Lt.
Stevens, PA
Landsberry, Richard B.
Lawrence, Mize Leonard
Ken Landis was his Instructor. He had Basic at Macon. He graduated from Spence Field, GA as F.O.  S/N: T-68275.
Florence Lawrence, wife.
Of Chattanooga, Tenn
Layer, Eugene Edward
Leaffe, James
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 45-2 at San Angelo AAFd (March 1, 1945)
James Leaffe
Lewis, Everett R.
Lindstedt, Raymond Arthur
Litzinger, George W.
Loffredo, Frederick Robert
Loo, Robert H.
Lorenzo, Paul J.
Lotstein, Herman
His Instructor was Robert Rainey. He washed out in Basic at Macon, Ga. Went to Navigation School and Bombing and Radar. He was trained to be a navigator at Ellington Field located near Houston with the Class of 45-04N on or about the 27th of January 1945. Retired as a Lt. Colonel. He later served in the US Air Force Reserves for 32 years. Herman retired in 1975 as a Master Navigator. During the course of his military life he travelled the world and visited scores of countries, including serving on active duty during the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam conflicts.
Born November 9, 1923. Died April 16, 2017 in LaQuinta, Calif. Florence Lotstein, wife.
Of Holland, PA.
Love, Melvin Jeffress
Melvin washed out in Basic at Cochran Field, GA. He then became a Bombardier. The war ended just a week or two prior to getting a commission and it was never issued to him.
Shirley Love, wife.
Of Danville, VA
Lowe, Arthur W. Jr.
Lowery, Don L.
Lunn, Sidney Terrell
Mackey, William G.
Marchal, Paul Richard
Maselter, Harry C.
Matthews, Irving Stanley
He graduated (S/N: O-840518) 2LT
From VA
McAvoy, Thomas D. Jr.
From what is probably his obituary [Capital, The (Annapolis, MD) - Tuesday, January 13, 2009]: "Thomas Dowell McAvoy Jr., 84, a resident of Arnold, MD. ... He was a lieutenant in the Army Air Corps during World War II, flying combat missions as a navigator in Europe."
Born Aug. 16, 1924, in Washington, D.C.
Died Jan. 10, 2009 in MD.
McCaffrey, Thomas Marshall
Enlisted 16 Mar 1943 in Kentucky. He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840394) 2LT
Born 16 Mar 1925, St Louis, MO.
Died Nov. 15, 2012. Buried Fort Thomas, KY.
McComber, Roderick E.
McCulloch, John Edward Jr.
McDonald, Nathaniel Austin
McFarland, Kenneth Arthur
McGuire, Leo J.
Melcher, Gene H.
Mills, Donald S.
Moore, John R.
Moorhouse, David D.
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 44-47 at Deming AAFd (November 18, 1944)
Morrah, Ronald E.
Morrill, Ross Dean
Mundwiller, Vernon George
Murdoch, Converse
Nassauer, William I.
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 45-11 at Big Spring AAFd (May 3, 1945)
From NJ
Neal, Clyde E.
Newberry, William Thomas
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840401) 2LT and was a B-17 pilot with the 452nd Bomb Group flying his missions from England. He also served in Korea and Vietnam
Newman, Ralph Eugene
Newton, Bill
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Newton, Raymond E.
Overman, Steadman M.
Packard, Dwight F.
Pedry, John J.
S/N: O-933286. He was a bombardier with the 319th BG 439th BS after it had moved to the Pacific Theater.
2nd Lt.
Pelepchuk, William
Perry, Paul J.
Perry, Robert L.
Radai, Joseph Leo
Lillich was his instructor. He had Basic at Macon, GA. He was delayed and graduated with class 45A. Joseph graduated and flew during WWII.
Hazelton, PA.
Randolph, Donovan Fitz Jr.
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840405) 2LT
Redmon, Thomas P.
Reszitnyk, Jerry M.
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 45-14 at San Angelo AAFd (May 24, 1945)
From NY
Reynolds, Thorne M.
Robinson, John R.
Roffe, James LeRoy
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840406) 2LT
Rose, Lloyd Calvin
Hoeffler was his Instructor. He had Basic at Cochran, GA and graduated from Moody Field, GA. (S/N: O-840407 2LT). He served during WWII and was recalled for the Korean War. He had 20 years of Service. Major
Click here for his picture
Flame B. Rose, wife. Of Riverside, CA.
Russell, Donald B.
John Sineath was his instructor at Douglas. He was a student officer: 2nd Lt. He had 50 missions in Korea, flying F-80's in the 49th Fighter Group. Received the Silver Star, 4 Air Medals and the D. F. C. He retired as Lt. Col. in 1973.
Wife: "Kitty" Russell Of Colorado Springs, CO
Salovaara, Jorma J.
Saurber, Mark N.
Savoini, Charles S.
Student Officer: 2nd Lt. He graduated from Freeman Field, IN
Schaunaman, Herbert Henry
Schlett, Eugene Andrew
Schneider, Max
Score, William
Seaman, Jerome Rudolph
Seymore, Paul Cecil
Sheehey, Edward Leonard Jr.
Silva, Richard Francis
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840412) 2LT
Born 1921. From Plymouth County, MA
Simons, Hilary Quentin
Sinning, Edward
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 45-145 at Childress AAFd (July 11, 1945)
from NJ
Slattery, Robert E.
Smith, Clark Bridgland
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840413) 2LT.
From his obituary [Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX) - Sunday, December 30, 2012]: "He entered the United States Air Force and was a pilot for 25 years, during which he received a bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico in electrical engineering. He served a tour in the Korean War and also served a tour in Guam. He retired from the Air Force as a lieutenant colonel. Upon leaving the military, Col. Smith earned a master's degree in business from the University of Texas at Arlington and worked in the aeronautical division of LTV for 25 years."
Born on Aug. 18, 1924, in Philadelphia, Pa Died Dec. 27, 2012 in Arlington, TX.
Phyllis "Penny" Fincher Smith, wife.
Smith, Gordon M.
Smith, Joseph A.
Soifer, Harry I.
Spier, Richard D.
Spofford, Charles P.
From his obituary [Syracuse Herald-Journal (NY) - Thursday, May 20, 1993]: "He was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II. A native of Syracuse, Mr. Spofford moved to Florida in 1960. He retired as an expediter after 30 years with Western Electric Co. in Syracuse and Miami. "
Died May 16, 1993 in Stuart, FL., age 75
Stables, Thomas Bernard
Stashak, Edward Frank
Stephens, Robert Wendell
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840420) 2LT
Stiegeiman, James R.
Storey, James Merle Jr.
Stover, Kingdon Merle
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840449) 2LT (IA) (see Find-a-Grave)
Sep. 27, 1920-Oct. 25, 1968
Strickland, Hugh K.
Stutt, Robert Bernard
Tatum, John E.
Taylor, General Francis
Taylor, John W.
Taylor, Thomas G.
Teixeira, Walter
Thomas, Charles J. Jr.
Thomas, William Allen
Thompson, Jettie K.
From very likely his obituary [St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) - Friday, January 4, 2008]: "Jettie King Thompson of Owensville, MO. Husband of Ann (Wallace) Thompson. Services are private."
Died Jan. 2, 2008 age 84.
Thompson, Richard W.
Thompson, Robert E. Jr.
Tizzano, James F.
He graduated in the Bombardier Class of 45-11 at Big Spring AAFd (May 3, 1945)
Tobin, Albert T.
Tonne, Arnold H.
Tracewell, William R.
Tramel, William Paul
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840426) 2LT
From TN
Trauth, Albert Edward
Tubbs, John Monroe
S/N: T-68302 Flight Officer. From his obituary: "John Monroe Tubbs was born the son of Burnam Alonzo and Mary Jane O’Loughlin Tubbs on January 14, 1922 in Hays, Kansas. John graduated from Hays High School and then joined the Army Air Corps where served during World War II. John had Tubbs Motor Company for 50 years; he also worked for Cessna and was a security guard for GE at Strother Field for 15 years." See FindAGrave.
Died May 02, 2010 Arkansas City, Kansas
Tumulty, Joseph N.
Tuttle, Vernon Smith
Tweed, John F.
Underwood, Charles Woodrow
Van Bibber, Billy Elmore
He graduated at Craig Field with the Class of 45B (S/N: O-842157)
2nd Lt.
Venables, Harry R.
Vinyard, Harold Hughes
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840430) 2LT
From OK
Vinyard, Norman H.
Vondenberg, Joseph L.
Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Vondrak, Rudolph F.
Wade, Elbert Elwood
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840431). Served in World War II and Korea.
According to The Republic (Columbus, Indiana), 28 Mar 1960, Mon, Page 9, he was recognized for flying more than 1000 hours in C-119 "Flying Boxcar" aircraft as part of the 434th Reserve Troop Carrier Wing, which trains at Bakalar Air force base, Indiana. Between 1961 and 1976, he and his unit were practicing space capsule snags for the space program.
2LT, later COL
born 20 August 1918, died 20 July 2002,
buried in Section 39, Site 588 in Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas
Wade, Richard L.
Waitte, Edward
Walbert, Gerald Dean
From his obituary [Peoria Journal Star, The (IL) - Wednesday, April 12, 1995]: "A World War II Army Air Corps veteran, he was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1232 in Pekin. A carpenter in the Pekin and Peoria area for 45 years, he retired in 1982."
Born Sept. 29, 1919, in Glasgow, Ky Married Mary Lou Foster on April 7, 1940, in Iowa Died April 10, 1995 at a health care center in East Peoria, IL
Wall, Arthur
Wall, Glenn L.
Walsh, William Joseph
Walters, David E.
On June 23, 1944, he had a landing accident with ground loop in a PT-17 (41-8590) at Paulk Aux Fld, Douglas, GA.
Waters, Wayne Wendell
Wateski, Joseph C.
Flew 62 missions. Received 2nd Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Soldiers Medal and the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Clusters. Has four Japanese Zeros to his credit as B-17 tail gunner.On February 8 1942, nine B-17E bombers departed Malang, Java to bomb a Japanese occupied airport at Kendari on the island of Celebes. While en route the formation was attacked by a swarm of Japanese fighters over the Java Sea and two planes were shot down. Wateski's plane (B-17E #41-2483, nicknamed 'Mormon Meteor') was so badly damaged that it went out of control, falling 7,000 feet before the pilot was able to bring it under control. Unfortunately, by that point three crewmen had bailed out, believing the plane was not recoverable. Their bodies were never found. Obviously Wateski did not bail out and survived.
Born Oct. 12, 1920 Pennsylvania
Died Apr. 19, 1988
All information per FindAGrave
Watson, Robert A.
Watson, Warren E.
Wear, Hoyt Olen
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: T-68223) Flight Officer
Born Oct. 2, 1922 Jefferson County, AL Died Jan. 23, 1948 See FindAGrave
Weida, Lloyd Henry
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: T-68224) Flight Officer. From his obituary [Morning Call, The (Allentown, PA) - Wednesday, August 31, 2005]: "He was an Army Air Corps veteran serving during World War II. He was a retired spray painter for Mack Trucks Inc."
of Slidell, La. and formerly of Allentown,
Died on August 25, 2005 in Louisiana, age 87.
Welsh, Leslie Crawford
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840434) 2LT
Wheeler, William S.
Whitcomb, Peter Reed
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840435). He was a B-17 pilot, per his obituary.
Born May 31, 1922 in Lunenburg, MA.
Died Apr 13, 2016 in Acton MA.
Wife: Nancy Gentsch
Whitney, Richard G.
Wilder, William Edward
Wilke, Roscoe J.
From his obituary [Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Thursday, May 31, 2007]: "Roscoe was born Jan. 7, 1923, in Nekoosa, Wis. He married Doris Swenson in 1943 while serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. They moved to Nome in 1948 and Roscoe went back into the service during the Korean conflict before returning to Nome in 1953. There he served in the Alaska Territorial National Guard and was a deputy U.S. marshal. In 1984, Roscoe and Doris retired to Wasilla, where he joined several veterans groups and continued his tireless community involvement. He was past post commander of both AmVets and VFW."
Died May 28, 2007 Age 84 in a hospital in Palmer, AK
Wilkinson, William H.
Williams, Joseph Y.
Williams, Owen Foster
Wilson, Earle Farnsworth Jr.
Wilson, Joseph F.
Witt, Joseph T.
Wright, Harry Dewsberry
Young, John Ayers
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-840439) 2LT.
May be the John A. Young on FindaGrave: Capt., WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Flew B-24 Liberator.
Apr. 27, 1921 Mar. 28, 2008
Young, Robert O.
From what may be his obituary [Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Sunday, January 7, 1996]: "He entered the Army Air Corps during World War II, serving through the Korean conflict and retiring from the U.S. Air Force in 1963. At that time, he went to work as a loan officer for Larson Air Force Base Credit Union from 1963 to 1967. In July 1967, he moved to Anchorage and went to work for Elmendorf Air Force Base as a property disposal officer until retiring in 1979." See also FindAGrave
Born Jan. 13, 1919, in Rices Landing, Pa. Died Jan. 5, 1996, at Alaska Regional Hospital
Zaremba, Richard P. "Dick"
He had basic at Macon, GA.
Richmond, VA.

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