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(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers about Jul. 1, 1944)

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Aicardi, William Francis
Bill Dillard was his instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Macon and Advanced at Valdosta, GA. S/N: O-832063. Then to Maiden, Mo. with Troop Carrier towing gliders. Went overseas by Christmas 1944 to New Guinea. Then 378th Troop Carrier to Mindorro to Okinawa to Japan. Was flying C-47, C-46 and C-54’s Then back to the States to fly SAC. for 5 years. Then he got a degree at Indiana Univ. This was followed by 3 years in France and another tour of the Philippines. He retired to Miami in July 1963.
Miami, Fla.
Aldrich, William J.
Allard, Rodney Townsend
He graduated from Moody Field. 1st Lt. S/N: T-63732. He was a C-47 pilot with the 403rd Troop Carrier Group 13th Troop Carrier Sqdn based in the Southwest Pacific and Luzon. He was a long time Post Office employee before his death in 1990.
of Bristol, N.H.
Allen, Keith I. Jr.
Allman, Roland Charles
Allmon, Howard Edwin
He graduated at Moody Field (S/N: O-833677). He was a co-pilot on B-17s with the 452nd Bomb Group 730th Bomb Squadron flying with the Eighth Air Force. Source:
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1st Lt.
Almirantes, Gregorio
Alper, Miles S.
Alpern, Selig Sidney
He graduated from Moody Field, GA. P.O. T 63733. Later he flew C-47’s in the South Pacific. He was soon sent to New Guinea in the South Western Pacific where he flew 300 to 400 hours in C-47s. Click here for more info
Stella Alpern, wife
Of New York City, N.Y
Ames, Thurston Barr
Anderson, Donald Everett
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833678. He was a pilot on B-17’s with the 483rd Bomb Group 840th Bomb Squadron flying with the Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy.
From Iowa
Anderson, Erik Roland
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga.    S/N: O-833679.
Doris Anderson, (wife)
Of Manchester, N.H.
Anderson, Howard E.
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833680. He flew B-26’ s in England.
1st Lt.
Rowena Anderson (wife)
Of Waverly, OH.
Andrews, John J.
A John J. Andrews was accepted as an aviation cadet on Oct. 21, 1942 [Source: Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania) 24 Jun 1943, Thu, Page 10]. On Feb. 24, 1944, our Douglas John J. Andrews had a forced landing due to mechanical failure in a PT-17 (41-25525) at Douglas. He went to Greenwood, Miss. army airfield for basic training, per Altoona Tribune article.
From Lilly, PA., per Altoona Tribune article.
Angevine, Henry E. Jr.
Atkinson, John William
Larry Rice was his instructor at Douglas. John graduated from Moody Field, Ga. O-833683. He went to the instructor’s school and returned to Moody to instruct for 1 year. Then he was checked out on B-24’s at Smyrna, TN. Click here for a group picture.
2nd Lt.
Mary Jane Atkinson, wife
Of Ann Arbor, MI.
Auger, Gerald Francis
Larry Rice was his instructor at Douglas. Gerald graduated from Napier, AL. S/N: O-834464. He was checked out in P-40’s. He became a pilot of a B-29 with the 444th Bomb Group flying missions from Tinian Island in the Central Pacific. On their 4th take off they crashed. He received a Silver Star for bravery for removing his co-pilot from the plane. He was in the hospital when the war was over. He made a career of the Air Force, serving during Vietnam, and retiring as a Colonel in 1974. Click here for a group picture.
Nancy Auger, wife.
Of Tacoma, Wash.Died Dec. 24, 2007
Click here for an obituary (PDF)
Averitt, Henry W.
He graduated with the 1944-G class from Advanced training, S/N: O-836555. Was in the 91st Bomb Grp. 324th Bomb Sqdn. per
He was shown as a First Lieutenant in the USAF reserves in 1958.
Ayres, Wilbur L.
Bachman, Robert Riegel
He graduated June 27, 1944 at Napier Field, Ala. Assigned to Randolph Field, Texas for training as an instructor in advanced single engine school [Source: The Montclair Times (Montclair, New Jersey), 06 Jul 1944, Thu, Page 9]. See also National Archives, Access to Archival Databases.

He and his future wife graduated from Cornell University in June 1947.

Of Montclair, NJ
Wife: Paula Anne Correll, married June 12, 1948.

Bacon, David Ray
Baird, Harry Dean Jr.
He went to Macon, GA for Basic and graduated from Napier, AL. S/N: O-834525. He flew P-51’s in the 8th A.F., 20th Fighter Grp. 77th Sqdn. in England.
Jo Ann Baird, wife.
Of Memphis, TN
Baird, Richard Fairbank
He may be the Richard F. Baird who was engaged to Frances Farson and planned to be married after he graduated at the end of June. He was a graduate of Pratt Institute in New York. This Richard F. Baird was stationed at Valdosta, GA for Advanced training in June 1944 [Source: The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio), 08 Jun 1944, Thu, Page 12].
2nd Lt.
Frances Farson Baird, wife.
He is believed to have been born in Waltham, Massachusetts and enlisted from Grosse Pointe, Wayne, Michigan where he was employed.
Born 10 Nov 1916
Died Mar. 13, 1975 in Birmingham (near Detroit), MI.
Baker, Donald L.
Ball, Edwin W.
He became a navigator with the 487th Bomb Grp, 837th Bomb Sqdn (see
Barbulesco, Daniel J.
Barrett, John R.
Beach, Howard Warren Jr.
On May 16, 1944, while flying an AT-10 (S/N: 42-34894) as part of the 2144 Bomb Unit on a training flight from Moody Field, Valdosta, GA    he had a landing accident at Bemis Aux Field, Valdosta, GA. He survived the crash.
Beier, Charles John Jr.
Beliveau, Russell Alphonse
Born 1 Dec 1923, Brockton, Massachusetts
Died 23 Jun 1978
Bell, Franklin D.
Belovic, George
Belyea, Robert J.
Bender, Robert Vern
He graduated from Napier, AL. S/N: O-834566. He flew P-51’s in the 8th A.F., 55th Fighter Grp. 38th Sqdn. with the Eighth Air Force in England.
1st Lt.
Bennett, Gordon D.
Bennett, Robert Andrew
Robert graduated from Moody, GA. S/N: O-833690. He was in the 8th A.F., 381st Bomb Gp (H), 535th Bomb Sqdn (H). On Mar. 30, 1945 he was pilot on a B-17G (S/N: 42-102590) with a 10-man crew on a mission to Bramen, Germany. At the target area around 24-25,000' #1 engine took a flak hit and was feathered. The plane dropped out of formation because it could not keep up. As they were trying to intercept the formation at another point, some of the crew reported they saw four P-51's swing around the plane. The P-51's, believed to be manned by Germans, attacked and hit the left horizontal stabilizer, tearing it loose about a foot or two out from the fuselage and setting No. 2 and 3 engines on fire. Bennett reported it was a ME-262 (one of the 1st jets) that hit them rather than P-51's. The B-17 went into a dive, Bennett pulled it out of the dive, and most of the crew, including Bennett, were able to bail out (MACR #13542). It was his 30th mission. After he spent several months in Stalag 1, he was liberated by the advancing Russians. He was discharged in 1945. Then he joined the National Guard. He became a full time Technician with them, including flying tankers out of Knoxville, TN. He retired in 1978 with 35 years of service.
Lt. Col.
Connie Bennett, wife Of Coursegold, CA.
Biederstaedt, Harold G.
Bierman, Clarence Edward
Al Crisler was his Instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Moody, S/N: O-833691. Then instructed Twin engine at Moody. Later he was in the 8th A.F., 92nd Bomb Grp., 407th sqdn. in England and flew B-17's, B-29’s and later B-47’s. He also flew the last raid in WWII. Later was flying B-29s and P-47’s at Barksdale, LA. Then he was in the Missile Program at Huntsville, Ala. He had a 23 year career in the A.F.
Lt. Col.
Pricilla Bierman, wife
Of Williamsport, PA.
Bland, Herbert Perry
He graduated from Moody, GA S/N: O-833693. He then instructed twin Eng. at Moody. He also was a flight Engineer on B-29s.
1st Lt.
Molly Bland, wife.
Of Enfield, N.C.
Blasi, Roland R.
He graduated as a bombardier from Deming, TX with the Class of 44-47 on November 18 1944.
Blauth, Charles F.
He graduated from Moody Field, GA as F.O. T-63741 and later was commissioned and obtained S/N: O-2027214 . He was in the 380th Bomb Grp, 530th bomb Sqdn and flew B-24’s in the Pacific and from the Philippines. 
1st Lt.
Lorraine Blauth, wife.
Of Staten Island, N.Y
Blevins, Melvin R.
Bohn, Herbert William
On Dec. 9, 1944, he was flying a P-51D (S/N: 44-15676) with the 336 Combat Crew Training Station at the Sarasota AAF, FL when he had to bail out due to engine failure. His family reports that he went on to fly in the "Flying Tigers". Click here for his entry on FindAGrave.
Born Dec. 13, 1923 Louisville, Kentucky
Death: Mar. 15, 1992 Daytona Beach, FL
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Bowen, Robert Thompson Jr.
He was a 398th Bomb Group Pilot, 602nd Squadron, Eighth Air Force. See an interview with him at He was sent overseas to England as a replacement co-pilot in B-17s.  He flew 35 missions. His bio is at
1st Lt.
Jane Bowen, wife.
Of Athens, GA.
Braun, Herbert Louis
Brink, Robert George
At the onset of World War II, Bob was enrolled in a machinist course at Alfred University and working at Foster Wheeler making steam boilers for the Navy. He immediately enlisted into the Army Air Corps pilot training. He completed all requirements and was called to duty on Dec. 3, 1943. He did basic training in Atlantic City and college preparation classes in Birmingham, Alabama. Bob said that they put them through four years of college in two months. From there he went to Douglas, Georgia for two months of primary flight training. After graduating and receiving his pilot's wings in 1944, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and assigned to troop carrier training in Missouri. He served the remainder of the war in the South Pacific in a troop carrier unit flying cargo and personnel within the combat area. He served from New Guinea to Japan. He flew C-46 and C-47's with the 375th Troop Carrier Group. Bob landed the second plane in Japan as the surrender was being negotiated. Discharged in 1946, he served in the Air Force Reserves until 1958 and promoted to the rank of captain.
Gloria Brink, wife.
Born Aug. 20, 1923, in Hornell, N.Y.
Died Sept. 11, 2015.
Brockson, Leslie Wilson
Birth: Jun. 4 1923 in Norfolk, VA,
Death: Jul. 3 1999
Wife: Audrey V. Brockson of Bell Gardens
Of Bell, CA
Brossard, Alfred E.
In January 1947, he was killed in a crash while flying an AT-6F (S/N: 44-81822) in the 470th Bomber Unit out of Orlando, FL. The crash occurred at the Naval Air Station at Banana River. He had returned home from overseas about a year before. The plane crashed in 15 feet of surf and the cause was unknown. One other person was killed in the crash. See of the Orlando Morning Sentinel, Jan. 14, 1947, p. 2.
Buettgen, Winand Charles
He was in the 444th Bomb Grp.
Born: Mar. 7, 1921, Chicago, IL
Died Oct. 25, 2010, Mount Prospect, IL.
See Find-A-Grave
Bunn, Bennie Garland Jr.
Burgess, William Thomas
S/N: O-834560. He was in the 303rd Bomb Grp (H), 359th and 427th Bomb Sqdns. He was awarded Air Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster before his 28th mission. He was a copilot on B-17s and was on Mauger's crew and became a P.O.W. on his 28th mission on 04-25-45 (the date of the last 8th Air Force combat missions - see On a mission to the railroad yards at Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, his B-17G (S/N: 44-83447) was hit by flak just after bombs away. The plane and cockpit caught fire, and Burgess and the pilot were blown out of the plane. Two of the crew were killed. The rest of the crew bailed out. He and tail gunner Earl M. Dugen were taken prisoners. Upon his return, he was assigned to the 4446 Service Unit - Patient Detachment, Rome, GA. (MACR #14223).
1st Lt.
Born Apr. 16, 1919
Enlisted February, 1943
Received wings June 1944.
Went overseas in December 1944.
Died June 21, 1999.
Buried Chattanooga National Cemetery.
See Find-A-Grave
Wife: Dorris T. Burgess,
of Chattanooga, TN.
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Burkett, Eugene Roy
Flight Officer S/N: T-064632. He was later commissioned and given new S/N: O-2024500. He was in the 23rd Fighter Gp. and was a fighter pilot in the "Flying Tigers" fighter group of Maj. Gen. C. L. Chennault's 14th Air Force in China probably starting in February 1945. Click here for an article in the Red Bank Register (N.J.).
2nd Lt.
He retired as major on 01/07/1963.
From Eatontown, N.J.
Burton, John Robert II
Byron, George James
S/N: O-834574. He was in the 359th Fighter Grp. from Mar. 25, 1945 to Sept. 1945. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years. He was a veteran of World War II and served in Korea and Vietnam, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1965.
2nd Lt.
From Waterbury, CT.
Died April 16, 2007 in St. Augustine, FL.
Click here for his obituary
Cardelli, Aldo Eli
He started at Douglas in 44E but most of his time was in 44F. He is in the Sqdrn 2 picture above. Aldo graduated from Napier Field, AL. He was in the Tactical Recon Squadron. He served with Gen. Chenault's 14th AF ("Flying Tigers") in China flying P-40's and P-51's. 1st Lt.
Marilyn Cardelli, wife.
Of Riverside, IL
Died Jul. 11, 2010, buried Mount Auburn Memorial Park, Cook County, IL
Carlin, Marion S.
Carne, Sydney Francis Jr.
On Mar. 26, 1945 while in the 112 AAF Bomber Unit at the Combat Crew Training Station at Westover Field, MA, he had a taxiing accident in a B-24J.
Carnell, Herman Hudson
Was a 25-year career officer who rose to Major.
Born Jan. 9, 1923. A native of Halls, TN
Died Apr. 3, 1968
Wife: Wenola Carnell.
Buried Green Hill Memorial Garden Cemetery, Lauderdale, TN
Carraway, Ray E.
Click here for a possible entry for him on Find-A-Grave.
Carter, Lee R.
Cary, Robert Angus
Cascone, Michael
Case, Henry H.
Certain, William Lewis 3rd
William graduated from Napier Field, AL. S/N: O-834578 as a fighter pilot. However they did not need more fighter pilots, so he was put into B-24’s in Italy. He flew 2 missions and some weather and re-con flights. He was then released but was recalled for the Korean War. He served as a Combat Engineer. Then he was with the Huntsville, Ala. A.F. Center and worked there until retiring in 1978
Marion Certain wife.
Of Huntsville, Al.
Chamberlain, Lyman R.
S/N: 15119310. He was in the 500th Bomb Group, 73rd Wing, as flight engineer and was in Saipan. See
Of Burley, Idaho
Born Aug. 9, 1923, in Zap, North Dakota
Died Feb. 2, 2018, Mount Vernon, Washington
Chambers, Kenneth Gerald
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. S/N: O-834579. He Served in the 13th A.F. in the S.W. Pacific as a Co-Pilot on B-24’s. 1st Lt.
Vivian Chambers, wife
Of Midland, MI.
Chapman, Richard Allan
Cheatham, Noel L.
Childs, Benjamin Gordon
He was a paratrooper pilot in the 440th Troop Carrier Group in Germany and received an Air Medal.
2nd Lt.
Of Durham, NC
Married Harriet Boddie (1924-2018) April 13, 1946.
Killed Oct. 7, 1960, age 38, when another car hit him head-on.
Christensen, Louis H.
Christman, Marvin Oliver
He graduated from Moody, GA. with the Class of 44G. S/N: O-835604. He served in the South Pacific.
Betty Christman,wife
Of Seattle, WA.
Cirincione, Joseph C.
He went into bombers.
Of New York
Ciszewski, Mitchell A.
Clagett, Harry Otho Jr.
Claiborne, Howard B.
Clancey, Harrison B. Jr.
S/N: O-930388. Was in the 456th Bomb Group, 744th Bomb Sqdn, where he was co-pilot on Paul Schmidt's crew. He flew 100 missions in Korea and served in Vietnam. He retired Major USAF Reserve April 1966 (from newsletter, Vol. 5 No. 2 Sep 1995, p. 12).
2nd Lt.
Clark, Buell Richard
He graduated S/N: O-834582, and was in the 359th Fighter Grp. from March-Sept 1945. After the War, he was in the National Guard. He disappeared in a National Guard jet on May 22 1955 when flying an F-80 jet from Ft. Wayne, Ind. to Duluth, MN. He was last seen entering a squall line southeast of Madison, WI. He is listed in Fountain Park Cemetery, Winchester, Indiana. See Find-A-Grave
Capt in National Guard.
Betty Clark, wife.
Winchester, IN.
He was 33 when he disappeared.
Clark, John Franklin
He had Basic at Macon and graduated with the Class of 44G at Moody Fld, Ga.  S/N: O-835605. Then went to Maxwell Field for B-24 training. His services were all in the U.S.A. He instructed in B-24’s, B-29’s and B-32’s. Captain
Jacquelin Clark, wife.
Of Dallas, TX.
Coburn, Wallace W.
Cockrell, John Tyler
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga.  S/N: O-833710. He flew 5 missions in a B-17 over Germany. He stayed in the reserve to advance to Capt.
Virginia Cockrell, wife.
Of Walnut Creek, CA.
Comer, Charles W.
Charles had Basic at Macon and graduated from Moody Fld, GA, S/N: O-833711. He served in the So. Pacific flying  B-24’s on weather and observation flights. He was based on Guam for a period.
1st Lt.
Ruth Corner, wife.
Of San Jose, CA.
Cook, William Forman
Started in Class 1944-E but finished in Class 1944-F. He became an Air Transport Command ferry pilot over the "Hump", for which he received the Air Medal (per campus newspaper article at, p 2, Feb 8, 1946). Later he became an assistant flight commander / flight instructor at Graham Air Base in Alabama.
2nd Lt.
He moved back to East Texas after the War.
Cooper, Donald Robert "Coop"
He graduated from Napier, AL. T-64035. He Served in the S.W. Pacific, based on Guam flying in B-29's.
“Dee” Cooper, wife.
Click here to see his wedding pic from 1944
Columbus, OH.
Cornish, Vaughn L. Jr.
Vaughn graduated from Napier Fld, S/N: O-834586. He served in WWII and stayed in the Air Force. He flew during Vietnam. He was also at Wright-Patterson at Dayton, Oh. He had a B-47 crew while based in Missouri. He retired in 1969. As a civilian he did some flight instruction in the Clearwater, FL. area.
Ann Cornish, wife.
Of Pasadena, FL.
Crain, Wilse E.
He had Basic at Macon. He graduated from Moody Fld, GA. F.O. T-64752. He was checked out on C-47’s. He went to India with the 2nd Combat Cargo Sqdn., 1st Combat Cargo Group. He had 202 combat missions and 526 combat hours. After the war he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. He retired in 1980.
His final rank was Flight Officer.
Jeane Crain, wife.
Of Manhattan, Kans.
Cress, Eugene John
Born Herkimer, NY
Died Sept. 23, 1991, age 68, in Deltona, FL.
Czop, John A.
He served as a waist gunner on a B-24 Liberator with the 392nd Bomb Group in Wendling, England and rose to the rank of Staff Sgt.
Born Jan. 1, 1918 in Garfield, NJ
Died Nov. 3, 2010 in Ridgewood, NJ
Wife Ann Koslowicz
Danielsen, Edward P.
Davis, Sam Jr.
Day, Lawrence L.
De Mott, Michael Lawrence "Mickey"
He graduated from Moody Fld, Ga. S/N: O-833718. He was in the 12th AF, 17th Bomb Group, 34th Bomb Sqdn. On Mar. 23, 1945, he was co-pilot on a B-26 (S/N: 42-95786 "Skipper") flying from Dijon, France on a bombing mission to Heidelberg, Germany. His plane was hit by flak after bombs away. The engine and wing caught fire. The crew bailed out. He and the rest of the crew were eventually returned to Allied control (MACR #14038).
2nd Lt.
Stamford, CT
Decker, Vern LeRoy
He graduated from Napier, AL. S/N: O-834590. He flew P-51’s in the 8th A.F., 20th Fighter Grp. 55th Sqdn. with the Eighth Air Force in England.
2nd Lt.
From Indiana.
Del Vecchio, Henry J.
Served more than 26 years in active duty, mainly as a pilot, and attaining the rank of Major, before his retirement in 1968. As a pilot, he flew missions in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
Died March 4, 2013, age 90. Born in New York City, NY, he had lived in New York prior to entering the US Air Force. Afterwards he lived in Harrisburg, PA.
Wife of 46 years, Nancy M. (Perrotta) Del Vecchio.
Buried Indiantown Gap National Cemetery in Pennsylvania with full Military Honors.
Dial, Phillip Albert
Dieterle, Francis Robert
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833721. He trained with the 382nd Bomb Group 464th Bomb Squadron to fly combat with the B-29, but the war ended before he could get to the Pacific.
2nd Lt
Madeline Dieterle, wife
Of Manchester, CT.
Doolittle, Burling Gregg
He was a pilot on B-26s with the 394th Bomb Group 586th Bomb Squadron flying with the Ninth Air Force over Europe.
2nd Lt.
He was from Illinois.
Dowtin, James Morgan
After Douglas, he went to Cochran Field, Macon GA for Basic (intermediate) flying training [Source: Old Gold and Black, newspaper of Wake Forest College, Feb 18, 1944]. He graduated from Moody Field, Ga.  S/N: O-833724 He went to a P-38 school, later instructed in B-25’s at Moody.
1st Lt.
Louise Dowtin, wife.
Arden, N.C.
Easton, John M.
On Jan. 6, 1944, he had a taxiing accident in a PT-17 (41-25516) at Douglas. Per his obituary: "He was a United States Army veteran having served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam."
died January 23, 2010, age 86, as resident in Clyde, NC
wife, Luanna
Eckenthal, Jerome
Eick, George E.
Ellett, Geroge M.
Emerson, Donald C.
Ferranti, Anthony C.
He was probably an aviation cadet at Douglas based on an accident report, where, on Jan. 31, 1944, he had a landing accident in a PT-17 (42-16234) at Douglas. In June 1945 he is listed as a Lt. along with other members of a crew attending a wedding [Source: Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York), 21 Jun 1945, Thu, Page 14].
Of Belmont, MA
Fields, Charles L. Jr.
Filippone / Filipone, Benjamin John
He graduated from Moody Field, GA as a F.O. T-64767. He flew during W.W.II and was in Air-Vac during the Korean War. His name appears in Hamilton Field Diary: The Country Club Airbase. He attained the rank of Lt. Colonel.
Boston, MA
Fogarty, James Francis Jr.
Frehling, George A.
Possibly his obituary at Findagrave.
Frick, John Otto
Friddle, Charles H.
Galletly, Robert C.
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833731. He was a pilot on B-24’s with the 454th Bomb Group 736th Bomb Squadron flying with the Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy.
2nd Lt.
From New York.
Garrett, Warren Hudnal Leftwich
Enlisted in Army Air Corps, 1943. Known to be stationed in Douglas, GA (Primary Flying School); Shaw Air Base, SC (possibly Basic Flying School); Wilkins Park Air Base, OH (unknown duty).
Active duty in Japan and Korea. He was stationed in Okinawa in the 1940's. He flew B-29s.
By the early 1950's, he began stints at various U.S. bases as his entire career was being involved with the Strategic Air Command:
Davis-Monthan AFB - Tuscon, AZ - Late 1940's - Early 1950's.
March Air Base - Riverside, CA - Early 1950's.
Torrejon Air Base - Madrid, Spain - Early-Mid 1950's.
Glasgow AFB - Glasgow, MT (served as Marshal of Security Forces, SAC) - Mid-1950's-Early 1960's.
Redstone Arsenal - Huntsville, AL - 1960's-Retirement.
Retired from US Air Force as Major.
Born May 27, 1924. From Morristown, TN.
Graduated from Morristown High School, 1942.
Married Stella Mae Cason on October 25, 1942.
Died December 12, 1985, Huntsville, AL.
Click here for his picture at Douglas.
Click here for his picture at Douglas with Charlie Fields.
Click here for his picture in a training group after Douglas.
Gordon, Clark Franso
Guthrie, Edgar Leonard
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833736. He was a pilot on B-24’s with the 7th Bomb Group 492nd Bomb Squadron flying with the Tenth Air Force based in Eastern India and was Killed In Action on May 5, 1945 in India.
2nd Lt.
From Louisana.
Hadank, Walter A.
S/N: O-928754. He was a pilot on B-24’s with the 485th Bomb Group on detached service with the 885th Bomb Squadron flying special missions with the Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy.
2nd Lt.
From Massachusetts.
Hull, Gerald R.
Hurlbutt, Frederick L.
Hutchinson, William A.
Jessee, Howard Gilmer
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833755. He was a pilot on B-24’s with the 458th Bomb Group 754th Bomb Squadron flying with the Eighth Air Force based in England.
2nd Lt.
From Tennessee.
Jones, Robert Dale
Vincent ‘Bud” Schultz was his Instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Moody Fld, Ga. 2nd Lt.
Pauline Jones, wife.
Of Ohio City, Ohio
Kenyon, Robert Loran
Enlisted May 22, 1942. Graduated with S/N: O-833763. He went through training at Barksdale Field as a B-26 co-pilot in August 1944.
Born: 10 May 1922.
Birth Place: Billings, Yellowstone, Montana
Kesler, Samuel J.
S/N: O-928888. He was a pilot on B-24’s with the 93rd Bomb Group 328th Bomb Squadron flying with the Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy and returned from a mission safely on February 26 1945. (see MACR #12793).
2nd Lt.
From North Carolina.
Knapp, Arthur E.
Koroly, Harold M.
Kosanchich, Melvin
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833767. He was a fighter pilot in Europe. From his obituary: "He enlisted in the US Army Air Force in 1942, trained as a Fighter Pilot serving in WW II France- Germany Theatre. He remained a dedicated pilot who enjoyed aviation throughout his life. His passion for aeronautics was instilled to his children and grandchildren. As a design engineer he was employed by Westinghouse (Bettis Atomic Laboratory), Lockheed Defense Systems and Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. After his retirement from Boeing in 1988, he provided consulting engineering services to Vortex Structures, developing a bladeless helicopter aircraft."
2nd Lt.
From Ohio.
Died January 23, 2007
Koslo, Robert Carl
He had Basic at Cochran Field in Macon, Advanced at Moody Fld, Ga. He served with the 13th A.F. in the South pacific. He had 37 missions in B-24's. Click here for a group picture.
1st Lt.
Shirlie Koslo, wife.
Of Largo, FL.
Kostick, Francis
Kovolenko, Theodore David
Enlistment Date 1: 27 Jun 1944. Release Date 1: 21 Nov 1946.
Enlistment Date 2 (Air Force): 2 Jan 1949. Release Date 2: 1 Aug 1952.
Info from Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010.
Born: 5 Aug 1924; Died 30 Jul 2001.
Kralik, Andrew John
Kramer, Horace Junior
Jesse Bitterman was his flight instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Dothan, AL. S/N: O-834622. Then he went to the instructor school at Maxwell Field so that he could instruct at Dothan until the war was over. 1st Lt.
Mary Ann Kramer, wife.
Of Eaton, OH.
Kramme, Paul Edgar Jr.
Annin and Bitterman were his Douglas instructors. He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833771. He served with the 7th A.F. in the Pacific. He was on Okinawa when the war ended, later he was with the 5th A.F. 1st Lt. He was in Squadron 5.
Dorothy Kramme, wife
Of Monroeville, N.J.
Kraselsky, Maurice A.
From his obituary: He was enrolled at Auburn University, but he left his studies to enlist in the US Army Air Corps during WWII. He served honorably for four years off the coast of the Philippines.
June 22, 1924 - Jan. 3, 2013.
Of Huntsville, AL at the time of his death.
Kretchmar, Harold Gordon
He graduated from Columbus (Mississippi) Army Airfield, S/N: O-833542 as 2LT. He was with the 389th Bomb Group, 565th Bomb Squadron/ 567th Bomb Squadron. He was among the first 65 heavy bomber pilots to bring home a load of veterans from Europe to Bradley Field, CT on about May 22, 1945 [Lansing State Journal (Lansing, Michigan), 23 May 1945, Page 1].
From Flint, Michigan
Married Elizabeth Woodward, Dec. 19, 1946.
Krieger, John Edward
He graduated with the Class of 44G. S/N: O-835358. He was a fighter pilot assigned to the 318th Fighter Group 333rd Fighter Squadron based on Okinawa and was killed in a flying accident on July 31 1945.
1st Lt.
From Michigan.
Kulbacki, Raymond
Lafon, Robert Leo
Lahuis, Wallace C.
On Jan. 6, 1944, he had a landing accident in a PT-17 (41-8779) at Douglas. Became an Airman 1st Class, according to
Lancaster, John Kyle
Law, James Grover
Larry Rice and Earl Shipe were his instructors at Douglas. He started in class 44E but spent most of his time at Douglas in 44F. He graduated from Napier Fld, AL. S/N: O-834624. He served with the 8th AF., 353rd Fighter Grp. at Rodon, England. Later moved into France and Germany. He flew P-40’s and later P-51’s. He stayed in the Reserves for 7 1/2 years.
1st Lt.
Sarah Law wife.
Of San Antonio, TX
Leamy, John Joseph
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. as a F.O. T-63772. He ended up in B-24’s in the Pacific with the 380th Bomb Group 528th Bomb Squadron completing 33 missions
Betty Leamy, wife.
Of Ottawa, IL.
Libertini, Frank
Lineberry, Albert Shuler
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. S/N: O-833774. He was with the 8th AF. in Europe, flying B-24’s.
Helen Lineberry wife.
Of Greensboro, N.C.
Lorge, Neil Edward
He graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: O-833776. Then to Europe flying C-47's with the 441st Troop Carrier Group 301st TCS.
2nd Lt.
Jean Lorge, wife.
Oshkosh, WI.
Maschhoff, Lawrence Harlan
He went on to pilot B-17 Flying Fortresses in the 8th Air Force. In February 1945, he arrived at Ridgewell, England, assigned to the 534th Bomb Squadron (Heavy), of the 381st Bomb Group. During March and April of 45, he flew a total of 15 missions as the pilot-in-command of a B-17.
1st Lt.
Of Detroit, MI.
Born: Jun. 12, 1920. Died: Jul. 14, 1967
Married Elizabeth (nee Conley) in Milledgeville, GA in 1944.
Click here for his picture after soloing in his PT-17.
Click here for his picture with his training group.
McAdoo, Billy Nantes
Gail Updike was his instructor. He had Basic at Macon and graduated from Moody Field, GA. as F.O. T-63775. He went into B-24’s and flew in Africa, C.B.I. (China-Burma-India) and Thailand. He stayed in the Reserve. 1st Lt.
Elise McAdoo, wife.
Of Martin, TN
McNeely, James
Melton, James H. Jr.
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. E.G. T-64053. He went to the Randolph Flight Instructor school. Then instructed Basic at Gunter Field. Then he went to Multi-engine training. He was a Co-Pilot on a B-24 when the war was over.
2nd Lt.
Vivian Melton, wife.
Of Hendersonville, NC.
Murphy, George T.
Oehler, William Henry III
"He enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in February 1943 and graduated as a pilot in June 1944. He served in the Italian Theater of Operations until the end of the War" per his obituary Asbury Park Press (Asbury Park, New Jersey), 23 Oct 2004, Page 13.
Died Oct. 21, 2004, age 82, in Toms River, NJ.
Buried Brig. Genl. William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Arneytown, NJ.
Attended Drake Business College and was working at Bell Telephone Co. in Newark NJ after the war.
Married Marie Wierdo in Newark, New Jersey, Mar. 15, 1947.
Parker, William Clinton, Jr.
He attended Pre-flight at Berry College in Rome, GA; Primary at Douglas; Basic at Cochran; Advanced at Moody. After graduating he attended training at Randolph Field, TX. to become an instructor. He then flew C-47s in the CBI theater.
He attended Clemson before and after the War, and had a career in Textiles and in Mortgage Banking.
Wife: Myrtle
Of Hendersonville, N.C.
Born Apr. 23, 1923 in Atlanta, GA.
Died Feb. 12, 1992 in Hendersonville, NC.
Parrow, A. E.
Petroniv, Arthur A.
Pugh, Richard Samuel
He graduated from Moody Fld, GA. S/N: O-833811. He was assigned to stay at Moody. Next it was B-24’s in England with the 491st Bomb Group 853rd Bomb Sqdn assigned to the the 8th A.F. Then to Washington State in P-51s. He was discharged in 1945.
Naples, FL.
Roth, James A.
In October 1943, he was among those from Rochester NY who were sent to Maxwell Field for Preflight training [see Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York), 25 Oct 1943, Page 8]. His presence at Douglas is suggested by an accident report. On Feb. 1, 1944, he had a landing crash resulting in a ground loop in a PT-17 (42-16506) at Douglas. In April, 1944, he went to Basic at Cochran Field, Macon, Georgia. From Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York), 30 Apr 1945, Page 11, "Pvt James A. Roth, 21, son of M/M C. R. Roth, of 543 Ridgeway Ave, is stationed at a U.S. AAF Air Transport Command base in Italy."
Of Rochester, NY
Son of M/M C. R. Roth.
Ryan, Daniel A.
Sanders, Jack Edwin
Jack graduated from Napier Fld, AL. S/N: O-834664 and served in the 8th AF. in England flying with the 457th Bomb Group 750th BS and later fighters. He was released as soon as the war was over.
2nd Lt.
Donnie Sanders, wife.
Of Kline, S.C.
Scott, Robert Reed
Smith, H. W.
Solomon, David G.
Stull, Richard Fenton
He may have gone into the Hydraulic Division, 15th Sqdn, Class 44-7 at Chanute Field, IL. [Source: Chanute Field Wings (Champaign, Illinois), 24 Sep 1943, Fri, Page 5].
Van Tuyle, Henry O.
Enlisted 29 Jun 1942
Born 17 Nov 1922 in Manchester, Illinois. Died 4 May 1984.
See FindAGrave
Warfield, Lyman Ware
Enlisted 14 Feb 1942.
Born Chicago, Cook, Illinois on Sep 27, 1921. Died Jun 7, 2018
Woods, Edward A.
Zeit, Walter Wenzel
He graduated from Moody Fld, GA as a F.O. T-63870. Assigned to 12th AF in Italy flying a C-47. Also flew air evac and resupply in Korea.
Retired as Major.
Corte Madera, CA.
Born Apr. 3, 1923

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