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(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers May 23, 1944)

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Abernathy, Robert Briggs
He graduated from Freeman Army Air Field, Seymour, Indiana, S/N: O-832545. He was then at the Millville AAFd Combat Crew Training Station - Fighters, and then the 78th Fighter Group 082nd Fighter Sqdn flying P-51's.
2nd Lt.
Glen Alpine, NC
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Adin, William M.
S/N: O-831319. He was killed in a flying accident out of Laredo (TX) AAFd Gunnery School while taking off in a P-40 on February 21, 1945.
2nd Lt.
Allan, Charles
Allan, John W.
Allen, Richard
Allen, Walter H.
S/N: O-833461. Graduated with the Class of 44F. He was a pilot assigned to the 380th Bomb Group 531st Bomb Sqdn flying his missions in the Southwest Pacific Area.
2nd Lt.
Allison, Howard E
Angers, Henry Edward Jr.
Larry Rice was his instructor. He had Basic at Macon and graduated from Moody Fld, GA.  O-833681. He went to the 17th Tow Target Sqdn. at Wheeler Field, Hawaii. After V.J. Day he was transferred to the 95th Fighter Sqdn. also at Wheeler Field. He flew P-47’s until he was discharged as a Capt. in Dec. 1946. He was recalled and flew during the Korean war.
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Beverly Angers, wife
Of Otis, MA.
Armstrong, Tobin
Served as a P-47 pilot with the 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force in England.
Atchison, Alfred E.
Bailey, David A.
Baird, Jack Delyle
Baker, Harold J.
Baldwin, Lowell Francis
Thomas Stubbs was his instructor. Basic at Cochran, GA and Advanced at Napier Field, AL. Trained for P-40, P-51 and B-24's. Stayed in AF Reserve and retired in 1973.
Banninga, Nelis W.
Flew 28 missions in a B-24 in the Pacific area. Flew a 'sitting duck raid' over Hiroshima and Nagasaki the day after the atom bomb was dropped to see if the Japanese knew the war was over.  2nd Lt.
Barr, William G. Jr.
Barrett, Phillip Shaw
Bartle, Jack Russell
He graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: T-63735 in June 1944. Was assigned to Fighter Gunnery School at Laredo Army Air Field at Laredo, TX. and the Hunter Field 3rd A.F. Staging Wing (per Third Air Force Staging Wing, Hunter Field, Georgia).
Of Dearborn, Mich. 1943
Basham, Mathew J. Jr.
Bass, Layten S.
Baumgartner, Richard S.
Richard graduated from Moody Field, GA. O-833687. He flew 25 missions over Japan in B-29‘s in the 6th Bomb Group 39th Sqdn (VHB).   See
1st Lt.
Mary Baumgartner, wife.
Of Sylvania, Ohio
Beaver, Clarence E.
He did not like the feeling that flying gave to him. He voluntarily quit while at Douglas some time after his solo flight. He was sent to a Radio School. He did maintenance and repair on this equipment for the 8th A. F. in England and Ireland
Loraine Beaver, wife.
Vienna, VA.
Bendt, George
He graduated from Freeman Field, IN, and was in the 386th Bomb Group 552nd Bomb Sqdn. December 44 to August 1945. He was a pilot of a B-26 and later an A-26. He was stationed in Beaumont, France, St-Trond, Belgium, and also later flew with EATS (European Air Transport Service) out of Paris -Villacoubly flying C-47s to Hamburg, Berlin, and Vienna, etc.
Of San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.
Bennett, Alexander Bethel Jr.
He was a fighter pilot during World War II, per his obituary.
Born Aug. 16, 1924 in Waco, TX.
Died 25 Jan 1995.
See FindAGrave
Billman, Lionel
Darwin Clise was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Freeman Field, IN. S/N: O-828501. He went to B-24 school and then to the 15th Air Force in Italy, where he served with the 454th Bomb Group 739th Bomb Sqdn. He served February 28, 1943 until October 20, 1945. He finished 20 years in the Indiana National Guard, 38th Div. He was still flying his Piper Seneca as of Oct. 20, 1993. Retired as a Lt. Col.
1st Lt.
Muriel Billman, wife
Of Logansport, IN.
Born Oct. 4, 1923
Died Mar. 26, 2000
See Find-A-Grave
Bischoff, Richard Olaf
Art “Bill” Gooden was his instructor at Douglas. He was delayed in training and graduated with class 44F. He flew 22 missions as a B-24 Co-Pilot in the 458th Bomb Grp. at Norwich, England. He returned and was discharged in Sept. 1945.  1st Lt.
Ruth Ann Bischoff, wife
Of Euclid, OH.
Boehle, Richard J.
Bogar, Roy Garland Jr.
He graduated from Moody Field, GA.   O-833694
Amarillo, TX. 1943
Borth, James E.
Bowers, Daniel E.
S/N: O-831340. He retired disabled from USAAF as 1LT in September 1947
Madison, AL
Bowman, Darl F.
He was in the 9th Bomb Group 1st Bomb Sqdn (VHB) flying his missions to Japan from Tinian in the Marianas Islands.
2nd Lt.
Born May 17, 1921
Died Sep. 2, 1989
Of Calif.
See Find-A-Grave
Boyer, Paul B.
Ben Thurman was his Instructor at Douglas. Paul graduated from Freeman Field, O-828173. He was assigned to Chanute Field, IL. He flew 9 B-24 missions for the 8th AF, 446th Bomb Group. During the Korean War he flew multi-engine aircraft as a test pilot. He retired in 1974 as a Major in the Air Force Reserves and as a Systems Engineer in Aeronautical Systems Division, WPAFB with over 32 years of service.
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Died April 22, 2011
Virginia Boyer, wife
Of Enon, Ohio
Boyle, Laurence W.
He was in the 445th Bomb Group 703rd Bomb Sqdn.
Bradley, J. Cleaver
He was a roommate of Paul Boyer. He had Basic at Macon, and graduated from Craig Field, S/N: O-831341. He was in the 358th Fighter Group 365th Fighter Sqdn. While flying a P-47D (S/N: 42-27226) on Mar. 16, 1945 he was shot down near Breidenbach on his 9th mission and spent 46 days as a prisoner of war in Germany. He retired as a Lt. Colonel.
2nd Lt.
Bonnie Bradley, wife.
Of DeLand, FL
Bratzel, Robert B.
He was a roommate of Paul B. Bradley. He graduated at Columbus Field, MS as a 2nd Lt. He was assigned as a B-24 pilot with the 44th Bomb Group 67th Bomb Sqdn and flew his full tour before he went into P-47’s in the 8th A.F., 358th Fighter Group 365th Sqdn. in England.
Eileen Bratzel, wife
Of Bristol, TN
Brinton, George M.
Broadhurst, Samuel D. Jr.
Born Dec. 20, 1910
Of Jacksonville, TX
Died Sep. 7, 1973
See Find-A-Grave
Brown, Richard A.
Kenneth Landis was his Instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Macon, GA and graduated from Napier Field, AL. Later he was in the 15th Air Force, 98th Bomb Group in Italy, and flew 15 missions in a B-24 before the war was over.  1st Lt.
Kathryne Brown, wife
Of Columbia, S.C
Brown, Walter E. Jr
S/N: O-831347. Retired disabled Mar. 16, 1945.
2nd Lt.
Browning, Charles B. Jr.
Bruner, James Palmer Jr.
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. with the Class of 44F, S/N: O-834572.
2nd Lt.
Probably Born Sep. 14, 1923 Rowan County, NC
and Died Mar. 26, 2004 Durham County, NC
See FindAGrave
Bryant, Doyle Eugene
Burleson, Roger J.
Butler, Albert Quincy Jr.
Cagle, Fred H. Jr.
Orville Pierce was his instructor at Douglas. Cagle graduated from Columbus, MS. S/N: O-831656. He trained in B-17's in Sebring FL. He served in the Pacific area at Northwest Field in Guam in the 315th Bomb Wing, 501st Bomb Group (VHB). By the end of the war he flew 15 missions in B-29’s from Guam over Japan. He was recalled during the Korean War but served in a legal capacity. After his service he practiced law in Knoxville.
Born May 4, 1924
Died Dec. 4, 2003
Jean Cagle -  wife.
Of Knoxville, TN.
Campbell, Thomas William
Cardelli, Aldo Eli
He was a Flight Officer graduate from Napier Field in Dothan, Ala; S/N: T-64033. He was in 14th AF 118th Tactical Recon Squadron (Flying Tigers)
2nd Lt.
Born Jul. 12, 1917
Died Jul. 11, 2010
See Find-A-Grave From IL
Cartrell, James W.
Christensen, Irving R.
He graduated from Freeman Field located at Seymour, Indiana as a 2nd Lt. He was possibly assigned to Reno Army Air Base for Air Transport Command flight training in the Curtiss C-46 Commando.
April 29, 1920—April 18, 2018
Interment with Full Military Honors at Mound Cemetery, Somers, Wisconsin.
Clark, William Russell
He was a F/O graduate with the Class of 44F from Columbus Field in MS; S/N: T-63287. He was assigned as a B-24 pilot with the 450th Bomb Group in the Fifteenth Air Force (Italy).
From TN
Cochran, James W.
Cooney, Robert Grey
He graduated from Napier Field in Dothan, Ala. He served in the 413th Fighter Group 1st Fighter Sqdn in the Pacific Theatre flying P-47s and ended up on Ie Shima, just off the coast of Okinawa. There he flew attacks against the Japanese and flew long fighter missions deep in to Honshu. He was discharged in May 1946. After that he flew for a Contract Flying School. See his autobiography and picture on
2nd Lt.
Born March 29, 1920 in St. Louis, Mo.
Moved to TX,
later of Daleville, AL.
Cooper, Lynn S.
Creston, Anthony
Cromartie, DeWitt Tenbrook
S/N: O-831671. He retired disabled from the USAAF Sept 06, 1945.
2nd Lt.
Born Jan. 19, 1922
Of Fort Lauderdale, FL
Died Jan. 4, 1991
See Find-A-Grave
Cross, M. A.
Cummings, Robert Niels
Dale Blankenship was his Instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Moody, S/N: O-833714. He was checked out on B-26’s at Shreveport, LA. He flew the South Atlantic and up to England. He had 25 missions with the 9th A.F. 344th Bomb Group.
1st Lt.
Loraine Cummings, wife
Born Sept. 25, 1922
Of Schaumburg IL
Cundall, Richard Raymond
Curyea, George Stanley
Lillich and Woods were his Instructors at Douglas. He graduated from Moody, GA. O-833715. He was a C-47 pilot with the 403rd Troop Carrier Group 13th Troop Carrier Sqdn based in the Southwest Pacific. Was in the Philippines and flew P.O.W.’s out of Japan.
1st Lt.
Ruth Curyea, (wife)
Of McMinnville, OR.
Davis, George E. Jr.
Davis, Herbert Gerald Jr.
DeGrassi, Winette Duke 3rd
He graduated from Napier Field, AL.  O-834591. He was sent to the Instructor School, and then instructed back at Napier Field. He was discharged at the end of the war.
2nd Lt.
Amarillo, TX.
Dillard, Emmett Carl
He was assigned to the 13th Air Force Bombardier Group in the South Pacific, completing forty-four missions in a B-24 bomber, as a ball turret gunner. He received the Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters.
May 24, 1922-Aug. 18, 2009.
Of Dilley, TX. Twin brother of Roy Earl Dillard.
Dillard, Roy Earl
Roy graduated from Moody Field, GA as F.O. T-63746. He went to the aerial gunnery training base at Fort Myers which was named Buckingham Army Air Field. He was an instructor in Squadron S teaching new pilots aerial gunnery in fighter planes. Either near the end of the war or soon thereafter, he was sent out to the Pacific to fly B-24s because they had more fighter pilots than planes.
2nd Lt.
Austin, TX.
Doran, Bernard Joseph Jr.
Graduated from Freeman Field, IN. S/N: O-834398 on June 27, 1944. Was assigned to B-24’s at Laredo, TX. He went to Europe in B-17’s. (from Grimson)
Riverside, IL
Dougan, John Wilson
Drury, Thomas E. Jr.
He graduated from Freeman Field, IN. as a Flight Officer. Was assigned to Hendricks Field located at Sebring FL for B-24 pilot training.
From Illinois
Dumbleton, John
John graduated from Valdosta, GA. He served with the 9th A.F. flying P-47’s based in Belgium.
Milwaukee, WI.
Edwards, Robert Stafford Jr.
Fesmire, Robert H.
Graduated from Columbus Field, MS. S/N: O-831689. Trained to fly B-24’s. He was in the 801st/492nd Bombardment Group 8th Air Force. Fesmire wrote FLIGHT OF THE MAVERICK IN THE SECRET WAR AGAINST HITLER--WORLD WAR TWO CARPETBAGGERS. The Carpetbaggers were a select group of airmen recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to fly covert missions. During night flights, he dropped supplies and OSS agents to aid the resistance movements. He was awarded 3 Air Medals.
Friedman, Albert P.
Fruille, Edmund G.
Gallup, Ernest Granville Jr.
Jose Oliveros was his instructor at Douglas. Ernest graduated from Napier Field, AL, O-834604. He served during WWII, then was in the National Guard. He was recalled for the Korean War. Then stayed in the A.F. until he retired in 1967.
2nd Lt and retired as Major
Jackie Gallup, wife
Of Sacramento, CA
Gavigan, Richard N.
Graduated from Moody Field, Ga. He was with the 455th Bombardment Group. He received an Air Medal. See
Forrest Hills, N.Y.
Gerarde, Rocco J.
Goldstick, Jerome
Gracey, Richard L.
He graduated from Freeman Army Air Field, Seymour, Indiana.
Gray, James Richard
He graduated from Napier Field, AL  O-832602. He was assigned to Napier Field. Later he was ferrying aircraft to Europe. (no combat) Then he was based (during occupation) at Bucharest, Romania.  Major
Oak Ridge, TN
Grimson, John Robert
Norman Page was his Instructor at Douglas after he was delayed to class 44F. He had Basic at Cochran Field and graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N: O-833735. Later he was in the 003rd Combat Carrier Group, 011th Combat Carrier Sqdn and flew the “Hump”.  See China Airlift- The Hump  Vol. 3. Retired as LTC.
Of Tucson, AZ

Shirley Grimson, wife

John Robert Grimson and Shirley Grimson
Grisham, George R.
S/N: O-835192. He was a pilot in B-17s with the 34th Bombardment Group 391st Bomb Sqdn and flew his missions from England from March 1945 until the end of the war in Europe. He served as a Weather Officer with the United States Army Southern European Task Force in Italy from April 1961 until May 1964. He retired USAF reserves as LTC in May 1965. After retiring from the Air Force, George became the Chief Meteorologist at the U.S. Air Force's Air Weather Service (Detachment 8, 26th Weather Squadron) at Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, NY. There he briefed Air Force fighter and jet pilots before their missions and during war exercises.
2nd Lt.
April 7, 1920 – May 2, 2016.
Wife: Mary Gurley Grisham
George R. Grisham
Grissom, Thomas R.
He graduated from Freeman Army Air Field, Seymour, Indiana 05/23/44.
Hall, Julian K.
Halleck, Charles M.
Hanrahan, Eugene
Harral, William R. Jr.
Harris, Richard J.
Harris, Roy M.
He graduated from Napier Field, AL and flew single enqine planes during the war.
2nd Lt.
Hazel Harris, wife.
Of Mobile, AL
Hawkins, Lloyd O'Dell
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. Assigned to stay at Napier. He was in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. S/N: O-940993. He was a Captain in the USAF reserves in 1958. COL.
Las Vegas, NV.
Hicks, Jimmy
Graduated from Napier Fld, AL.  S/N: O-834611.
Pensacola (Warrington) FL
Holder, Jerome L.
Sineath was his instructor. He graduated S/N: O-826260 and then instructed twin engine at Freeman Field, IN.
Shirley Holder, wife.
Of Jamesburg, N.J
Holland, James T. Jr.
He graduated from Freeman Army Air Field Seymour, Indiana
Holme-Shaw, William Jr.
He was at Hunter Field in the 3rd Staging Wing during the War. Then served through Vietnam, retiring as LTC. He was also a pilot for Dow Chemical.
2nd Lt.
Hones, Edward S.
Horrell, Francis J.
He became a navigator (source: the book entitled Selman Field) graduating with the Class of 44-10 at Selman Field, LA on July 24, 1944.
Hosanchick, Melvin
Howden, Dudley Jr.
He became a bombardier graduating with the Class of 45-2 at Deming Field, NM on January 13, 1945.
Born Dec. 19, 1919
Died Feb. 6, 1995
See Find-A-Grave
Jarvis, Robert F.
Graduated from Freeman Field, IN. S/N: T-62985 as a Flight Officer. He became a B-24 pilot and was assigned to the 486th Bomb Group 835th Bomb Squadron with the Eighth Air Force. On January 21 1945, he was Killed In Action.
He was from Michigan.
Kaiser, Allyn A.
He enlisted 4 May 1943. He was classified at the Nashville Aviation Cadet Classification Center (Non-Flying Facility). He probably went to Maxwell field for Preflight. After arriving at Douglas, the AAF decided they had enough pilots and he was reassigned to Airplane and Engine Mechanics School at Keesler Field. He ultimately became an engineer and waist gunner on a B-24 and flew 14 missions from early March 1945 until the end of the war. He was assigned to 453rd BG, 735th Bomb squadron, flying out of Buckenham airfield.
He survived the war and ultimately retired from the AF in 1969.
He passed away on 4/1/2001.
Kempson, Ralph D.
Kerby, Joe B.
Klisch, John
Klugerman, Al
Klyszewski, Edward C.
He became a bombardier graduating with the Class of 44-9 at Carlsbad Field, NM on July 1, 1944. He was at March Field (Riverside, CA) Combat Crew Training Station in the 420th Bomb Unit when he was involved in a flying accident in a B-24J (S/N: 42-51035).
Knoblauch, Edward
Schertz, TX
Knox, Andrew S.
Kosier, George
He graduated at Moody with the Class of 1944-F, S/N: O-833768. He was a co-pilot in the 458th Bomb Group 753rd Bomb Sqdn flying B-24's. His last mission was to Bad Reichenhall, Germany on 25 Apr 1945.
2nd Lt.
Poplarville, Miss
For a crew picture and mission information, click here.
Krueger, Kenneth C.
Kruntorad, Robert J.
Robert J. Kruntorad
He was born August 11, 1921, in Chicago, IL.
Died Dec. 3, 2010 in St. Pete Beach, FL
(see show/Robert-J.-Kruntorad-89979085)
Lamb, Walter G. Jr.
Larson, Arthur L. Jr.
He became a bombardier graduating with the Class of 44-9 at Carlsbad Field, NM on July 1, 1944 (source: the book, Bombardier) He was assigned to the 097th Bomb Group 414th Bomb Sqdn and flew his missions aboard a B-17 from Italy with the Fifteenth Air Force.
Laverty, James Franklin
He became a navigator graduating with the Class of 44-9 on June 24, 1944. Flight Officer S/N: T-128461. He then was assigned to the 307th Bomb Group 372nd Bomb Squadron (known as the ‘Long Rangers’), as a crew member on B-24’s flying in the Pacific.
2nd Lt.
From Texas
Law, James Grover Jr.
S/N: O-834624. He graduated from Napier Field, AL. with the Class of 44F. He was a P-47 pilot assigned to the 353rd Fighter Group with the Eighth Air Force.
1st Lt.
From Texas
Lentz, Oscar H. Jr.
Lewis, Raymond S.
He graduated from Columbus Field, MS, S/N: O-831742. He was in the 20th AF, 20th Bomber Command, 3rd Air Transport Sqdn. On Mar. 13, 1945, he was co-pilot on a C-46A (S/N: 42-101074) on a cargo mission out of Sockerating, India. The plane was carrying 88 10 Kilo soft-nosed high-explosive shells. The plane went missing (MACR #13015). He is listed on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines. Award: Air Medal.
2nd Lt.
From MS
Logan, James F.
Looney, George Hobson
“Bud” Pickett was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Napier, S/N: O-832632. He flew P-51’s in WWII in the 479th Fighter Group 434th Fighter Sqdn, and also was in the Korean war.
Cora Looney, wife.
Of WV and later of St. Petersburg, FL.
Lust, Carl R.
John Sineath was his Instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Dothan (Napier Fld) and received fighter training. However there were too many fighter pilots at that time so he went into flying gliders.
Marjorie Lust, wife.
Of Bloomville, Ohio
Lynch, Billy Harris
He was in the 96th Bomb Group 339th Bomb Sqdn (source: the book Snetterton Falcons).
2nd Lt.
MacDonald, Thomas A.
Graduated on August 28, 1944, S/N: O-2069072. He was a navigator in the 449th Bomb Group 716th Bomb Sqdn serving with the Fifteenth Air Force and was KIA on March 31, 1945 (MACR #13486).
2nd Lt.
From NY
Maras, Daniel F.
Graduated from Freeman Field, IN.
2nd Lt., finished as 1st Lt.
From IL
June 14, 1922 - April 29, 2007. See his obituary here.
Marier, Wilfred Joseph
He graduated as a navigator at San Marcos, TX with the Class of 44-51 on December 16, 1944. S/N: O-2079054. He was assigned to the 382nd Bomb Group 872nd Bomb Sqdn (VHB), as a crew member on B-29’s, but the war ended before the unit could be deployed to the Pacific.
2nd Lt.
Matkovich, Albert John
S/N: T-63778. He was in the 380th Bomb Group 529th Bomb Sqdn
Flight officer
Mauermann, Willard G.
S/N: O-830651. He was in the 450th Bomb Group 723rd Bomb Sqdn. He was in the service from March 1943 to September 1945. During WW II, he flew missions out of southern Italy over northern Italy, Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia. He received the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the World War II Victory Medal and the Good Conduct Medal.
2nd Lt.
Born on May 13, 1921
Died Jan 15, 2010 in Monroe, WI.
Mayhue, LeRoy Jr.
Graduated From Napier Fld, AL. Served in 494th Bomb Group 373rd Bomb Sqdn in the Pacific flying B-24's. His unit dropped leaflets over Hiroshima before the 'bomb'.
Flight officer
Died 09-12-2002
Maynard, Ervin D. Jr.
Mayne, Burton J.
McClintock, Ross A.
S/N: O-831748. He was in the 094th Bomb Group 410th Bomb Sqdn/333rd Bomb Sqdn flying B-17's in the European Theater.
2nd Lt.
Click here for his biography.
Click here for his missions.
McDiarmid, Samuel N.
McGregor, Garland Jr.
S/N: O-832638. He was in the 359th Fighter Group 370th Fighter Sqdn. On Feb. 23, 1945 he was killed in England on a crash landing.
2nd Lt.
Born 1924
Florence, SC
See Find-A-Grave
McIntyre, Angus Joseph
Graduated with S/N O-834630. He was flying an AT-6D (S/N: 42-85934) with the 423 AAF Bomber Unit, 320th Wing in Walla Walla Army Air Field (WA) when he did a ground loop.
McIntyre, Charles William
McKinney, Earl R. Jr.
While in the 3rd A.F., 348th AAF Bomb Unit at Will Rogers Fld (OK), he had a flying accident when his F-7B (S/N: 44-40622) had a structural failure.
Highest rank: Major
Probably born Mar. 9, 1924
Probably died Jan 12, 2000
See FindAGrave
Of Valliant, OK
McMahan, Bruce D.
S/N: O-832641. He was in the 339th Fighter Group 505th Fighter Sqdn and the 353 Fighter Group 350 Fighter Sqdn. Flying P-51's in the European theater, he scored 4 FW 190s and 1/2 of a Me-262 German jet. See
1st Lt.
CA and of Houston, TX
Probably born December 26, 1924
Probably died October 25, 1999
Medler, Robert W.
He was a graduate of Freeman Field (Flight Officer T-62817). He went to Tyndall Field Gunnery School. Then he was a pilot with the 493rd Bomb Group 861st Bomb Sqdn.
Flight officer
From Michigan
Meehan, George Bernard Jr.
He became a navigator, S/N: O-2065590, and was with the 99th Bomb Group 416th Bomb Sqdn. According to his obituary, he was a veteran of World War II, the Korean conflict, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War. During World War II, he was an Air Force navigator who survived thirty-five missions, flying in B-17s out of Foggia, Italy with the 15th Air Force. He received the Air Medal with oak leaf cluster.
2nd Lt., retired as LTC.
Died August 28, 2015. See his obituary here.
Melton, James Henry Jr.
Ken Landis was his Instructor at Douglas. He was in class 44E at Douglas but graduated with class 44F. From there he went to 4 engine school. After the war he joined the Reserve.
2nd Lt.
Vivian Melton, wife.
December 7, 1923 - July 14, 2012
Of Hendersonville, N.C
Meyers, Jack V.
Middlebrook, Carl Lovelace Jr.
S/N: O-831755. He was in the 345th Bomb Group 500th Bomb Sqdn. On May 17, 1945 he was co-pilot on a B-25J (S/N 44-30164) on a mission to Formosa. The plane may have been hit by flak but it went missing, and he was declared killed in action (MACR #14447).
Born: Jul. 17, 1922
See Find-A-Grave
Wife: Margaret J. Middlebrook
Waco, TX
Miller, Claud M.
Miller, Joseph C.
Miller, Lloyd Junior
Royce Corkren was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Napier Field, AL. Was then assigned to Randolph Field. Joined the 414th Fighter Group on Iwo Jima a few months before war's end.
Betty Miller, wife.
Of Great Falls, Mont.
Miller, Merill R.
Minion, Edward LeRoy III
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. O-832658. He was assigned to P-40 training at the Venice AAFd Combat Crew Training Station.
2nd Lt.
Ypsilanti, Mi
Montgomery, John Edward 3rd
Ken Landis was his Instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Macon, Ga. He grad. from Napier Field, AL S/N: O-832660 and was in P-40’s and then P-51’s on Iwo Jima. Discharged as a 1st Lt. in June 1946. He joined the National Guard and in 1950 was recalled to active duty. He rejoined the National Guard and in July 1984 he retired as a Lt. Colonel. He was part owner of the Hanna Steel Co. and flew the company owned King Air 300 and Beech Jet 400 airplanes.
Eleanor Montgomery, wife
Of Birmingham, Ala.
Click here for his picture.
Mooney, Andrew J. Jr.
Moran, Donald Martin
John Woods was his instructor at Douglas. Flew B-25's in the Pacific theater in the 42nd Bombardment Group, which flew in long-range combat missions of over 1700 miles over open sea in support of the Australian invasion of the Japanese oil refinery at Balikpapan, Borneo.
Patricia Moran, wife.
Of Rocky River, OH.
Click here to see him in his PT-17
Morell, Louis J.
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. O-832512. He went into fighters.
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Born 7 Apr 1922
Died 3 May 1996. See FindAGrave
Morrison, Edson H.
Following training at Clarion College as a U.S. Army Air Corps cadet and his primary training at Douglas, he served as a bombardier (S/N: O-788065) aboard B-17 bombers in the South Pacific with the 42nd Bomb Squadron, 11th Bomber Group. For additional pictures, click here
2nd Lt.
Born May 4, 1918 in Detroit, MI
Died Sept. 13, 2000
See Find-A-Grave
Edson H. Morrison
Moxley, John C.
He graduated from Columbus Field, MS., S/N: O-831767. After receiving training to fly B-17’s, he was assigned to the 384th Bomb Group 547th Bomb Squadron and flew his missions with the Eighth Air Force from England.
Mulder, Ernest
He graduated in the class of 44G from Freeman Army Air Field, Seymour, Indiana, S/N: O-835513.
2nd Lt.
Mullins, Alfred Herman
S/N: O-831769. He was in the 463rd Bomb Group. On Dec. 20, 1944 he was the co-pilot of a B-17G (S/N: 44-6110) on a mission to Regensburg, Germany. Over the target, two of the engines lost oil, and all engines started acting up. The crew bailed out. He became a POW in Dulag Luft West (Stalag Luft 1 Barth-Vogelsang Prussia) (MACR #10731).
Wife: Faye E. Mullins
Memphis, TN
Mummert, John Russell  "Jack"
He graduated from Napier Field, AL and was in England about 4 years.
2nd Lt.
Banner Elk, N.C.
Murphy, Kenton Clifford
S/N: O-834641. He served during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Wrote the book “Clipped Wings: A Love Story”
retired USAF Lt Col  December 1963.
Nelson, Joseph Howard
S/N: O-832670. He had some excitement by having two flying accidents: one mid-air collision at Waycross AAFd Combat Crew Training Station for fighters in a P-40N (S/N: 43-24040) and one in a RF-80A (S/N: 45-8382) Photo Flight on take-off at the Johnson Air Base, Japan.
Nelson, Robert E.
Nemer, Marshall E.
He was a radio operator in the 398th Bomber Group 601st Bomber Sqdn (see
Born 11/09/1922
Died 06/14/2002
Cemetery: Temple of Israel Cemetery, Paducah, KY
Ocean, Myron
O'Conner, Billy Jo
O'Donnell, Joseph L.
After Douglas, he went to Texas for training and became a navigator in B-24s in Bakersfield, Ca. Part of his service was patrolling the coast of California. After the war he worked for Pan Am and Eastern Airlines in Miami as an aircraft mechanic, and Senior Safety Engineer at Eastern Airlines. Read an article written by his son:
Born April 24, 1924 in Chicago.
Deceased Feb 20, 2000.
Joseph L. ODonnell
Click here for a larger version that opens in a new window.
Oen, Daniel Anthony
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga. as a F.O. T-63784, then later received S/N: O-928665. He was assigned to the B-17 Pilot School at Sebring, Fla. He was in the 351st Bomber Group 510th Bomber Sqdn. Click here to see a list of his missions.
1st Lt.
Born May 8, 1920 Minster, OH
Died Dec. 19, 2007 Albany, Indiana
See Find-A-Grave
Ohlmacher, Robert Phillip
His squadron was the back up for the squadron of the Enola Gay, which mission he was happily not required to fulfill.
Born June 24, 1923 in Detroit, MI
Died March 6, 2011
See Find-A-Grave
O'Neill, Francis
He graduated from Napier Field, AL (Single Engine) S/N: O-832675. After receiving training in P-47s, he was assigned to the 353rd Fighter Group 350th Fighter Squadron and flew his missions with the Eighth Air Force.
Oshler, William H. III
Ouellette, Donald A. J.
He graduated from Columbus Field, MS (Multi-Engine) S/N: O-831779. He was assigned as a B-17 copilot for the John J. Opman crew and then to the 448th Bomb Group 714th Bomb Squadron on November 15, 1944 and flew his missions with the Eighth Air Force. (See book “A Replacement Crew in the ETO” by John C. Rowe).
Owens, Edward Gilbert
Owens, Thomas Ralph
He graduated with the Class of 44F from Moody Fld, GA. O-833800 and was assigned to stay there for his first work. He flew B-17's in WWII and F-80's in Korea. He was base commander at NKP during Vietnam. Retired as Colonel.
Lynne Owens,wife.
Of Melbourne FL
Click here for his bio (as a PDF)
Palmer, Charles R.
Pardee, James Joseph
He graduated with the Class of 44F from Moody Fld, GA. S/N: O-833802.
2nd Lt.
Parker, Victor Everette
He was assigned as a B-17 pilot to the 401st Bomb Group 614th Bomb Squadron and flew his missions with the Eighth Air Force.
2nd Lt.
Patrician, Pete N.
Served in the Air Force as a flight line mechanic in India and Africa.
Born December 16, 1924, in Ambridge, PA,
passed away on Tuesday, October 25, 2011.
Paulick, Ralph H.
Ralph left flight training while in Advanced. He went into gliders at Lubbock Field, TX, and then gunnery at San Antonio.
Dolly Paulick, wife.
Fond Du Lac, WI.
Pellett, Vernon Llano
Vernon graduated from Napier Field, and 1st assignment was at Napier. He then instructed AT-6's at Greenville, Miss. and flew B-17's. He did not get overseas.
Martha Jane Pellett,wife.
Of Bryan, TX
Click here for his bio and pictures (as a PDF)
Perlmutter, Joseph Gordon
He graduated from Moody Fld, GA. O-833804. He was initially assigned to stay at Moody. Then he was a B-24 copilot on the Victor L. Neel crew assigned to the 467th Bomb Group 788th Bomb Sqdn on May 29, 1945. His base in England was at Rackheath.
Plainfield, N.J. 1943
Peters, William D.
He graduated from Columbus Fld, MS. S/N: O-831786. Then he flew B-24’s with the 449th Bomb Group 718th Bomb Squadron and served with the 15th AF in Italy.
2nd Lt.
Pidgeon, Joseph Amos
He graduated with the Class of 44F and served with the 14th A.F. ("Flying Tigers"), 51st Fighter Grp. 25th Fighter Sqrn. in Yunnanye, west of Kunming, China under Chenault. 1st Lt.
Poschinger, Francis H. Jr.
He became a bombardier graduating with the Class of 44-12 from San Angelo Field, TX on September 9, 1944 (from the book Bombardier)
Born 1922, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Potterfield, Jack Maxwell
Born 1922, Florida
Poznick, William
Pullan, Normal L. Jr.
Quackenbush, William Brewster
He was in the 467th Bomb Group, 790th Bomb Squadron (See for a crew picture)
Randolph, Daniel F.
He graduated from Columbus Field, MS. S/N: O-831797. Then he flew B-17’s with the 305th Bomb Group 365th Bomb Squadron while serving with the 8th AF in England.
2nd Lt.
Reas, Raymond P.
Reeths, Robert Gerald
He was in the 10th AF 155th Liaison Sqdn as a liaison pilot flying UC-64's in the China-Burma-India theater. See
Flight Officer
Reiss, William R.
Although he was not in our records, a newspaper article in the Summit Herald, of Summit, New Jersey, Jan. 20, 1944 announced that Second Lieutenant William R. Reiss had completed his training at Douglas and was moving on to Cochran Field, Macon for his intermediate stage of his flying training.

Apparently Reiss was in ROTC at Rutgers and had been called up at the end of January, 1943 [Source: The Courier-News (Bridgewater, New Jersey), 15 Jan 1943, Fri, Page 14]. This call up would explain why he is already a 2nd LT while at Douglas.

Resnick, Harold
Richards, Donald J.
Rickman, William S.
S/N: O-831803. He was in the 446th Bomber Group 706th Bomber Sqdn. On Dec. 27, 1944 he was the co-pilot on a B-24J (S/N: 42-51312) with a crew of 10 on a mission to Kaiserslauten, Germany. Over the target the plane took a direct hit of flak. Fire started in the bomb bay and wing between engines 1 and 2. Six of the crew bailed out over the target area. Rickman, the pilot, radio operator and tail gunner stayed in the plane trying to get the fire under control. They made it to Belgium where they decided they had to bail out. At that point they were in friendly territory and made it back to their base (MACR #11252). He went on to serve in Korea and Vietnam.
Retired as LTC
Jane Rickman, wife.
Born Apr. 15, 1923
Died May 14, 2009
Hartsville, TN
Buried Willow Grove Cemetery, Davidson Co., TN
Ricks, Willman Alvin "Willie"
He graduated from Napier Field, AL (Single Engine) S/N: O-632095. He was assigned to Randolph Field. Later he was with the 22nd Bomb Group, 408 Bomb Sqdn at Clark Field, Philippines. On June 22, 1945, he was co-pilot of an 11-man crew on a B-24D (S/N: 44-41647) on a mission to Toshien, Formosa. Their plane did not arrive at the rendezvous point, and heavy black smoke was seen at 10,000' in the area. The plane may have been hit or blew up. Ricks and the entire crew were never found and declared Killed in Action on June 22, 1945. (MACR #14674). 2nd Lt.
Guyton, Ga. 1943
Rieker, James D.
Enlisted 14 Jan 1944 in Harrisburg, PA
Born 1925 Pennsylvania.
Died 1991.
See FindAGrave
Rosenbauer, Elwood Jack
He graduated from Napier Field, AL (Single Engine), S/N: O-832699. He was in the 356th Fighter Group 361st Fighter Sqdn flying P-51s with the 8th AF.
Click here for his picture with a Stearman at Douglas.
Click here for a picture on a P-51 with John W. Simpson (class 44D) and S/SGT James Gonyo (Jack’s crew chief).
Click here for a picture of Jack's P-51, Bit O'Heaven, 1st Scouting Force, Bassingbourn, England.
Jack in Squadron 9, Class of 44-E
Click here for a picture of Jack when he was with the 356FG/361FS.
Elwood Jack Rosenbauer
Rothschild, Charles J. Jr.
He was in the 323rd Bomber Group 456th Bomber Sqdn, serving as a pilot of a B-26 for 40 combat missions over Europe.
Ruddy, George Moorhead
He went to the Bradley Field (CT) Combat Crew Training Station in fighters (flying P-47's) and flew P-47's in the European Theater.

He was the presiding national secretary for the P-47 Thunderbolts Pilots Association.

Born Red Bank, NJ
Died June 6, 1992 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital, NY., age 69
Source: his obituary in Asbury Park Press (Asbury Park, New Jersey), 08 Jun 1992, Mon, Page 3.
Ryan, Gordon J.
Sachs, Sidney S.
Sanders, John L.
Schilling, Burton
He was in the 451st Bomber Group 726th Bomber Sqdn completing 35 missions as a navigator on a B-24 based in Bari, Italy. On one especially perilous mission the anti-aircraft fire was so close and so loud that Burt's hearing was permanently impaired. This haunted him all his life and affected not only his hearing but his equilibrium.
After completing his thirty-five missions he was awaiting transportation back to the states at a base in Naples, Italy. He was watching a high stakes poker game. He had played a little poker earlier and realized he wasn't very good at it. He resisted the urge to join in until the guy he was standing behind tapped out. When he got up he invited Burt to sit in. Ignoring his earlier experiences he did, and wound up losing his entire $2000 dollar nest egg. When they got back to the states he had to borrow 50 cents from his bombardier Malcolm Hardesty to call home.
Born in New York, NY on Nov. 26, 1921
Died Jul. 3, 2007 and resided in Aiken, SC.
Buried Beaufort National Cemetery
Schwalbe, Charles Adolph
Schwartz, Theodore
Scott, Ruford D.
S/N: O-831820. He was in the 374th Troop Carrier Group 6th Troop Carrier Sqdn. On Oct. 10, 1945 he was co-pilot on a C-46D (S/N: 44-78490) with a crew of 5 on a mission from Biak to Finchaven, New Guinea. The plane went missing and the crew was reported killed in action (MACR #14977). For information on the recovery of the remains from the wreck, see
1st Lt.
Born Aug. 18, 1923
See Find-A-Grave
Wife: Billie R. Scott
Monahans, TX
Seeds, LeRoy C.
He was a navigator in the 447th Bomber Group 711th Bomber Sqdn in B-17's. He served in Korea after the War. He was awarded the D.F.C. on May 7, 1998.
Flight officer, later becoming a LTC.
Of Haddon Heights, NJ He may be the unknown person in the Neal crew on this page.
Shubert, Charles H.
Siegel, John A.
S/N: O-832718. He was in the 356th Fighter Group 359th Fighter Sqdn, according to The 356th Fighter Group in World War II.
Simmerly, Frank Mathew
Ken Landis was his Instructor at Douglas. Later he was flying B-26’s in the 323rd Bomb Group. On his 37th mission he was shot down, bailed out over friendly territory, and came out OK. He resigned as a 1st Lt. just before the Korean war.
1st Lt.
Marjorie Simmerly, wife.
Of Cleveland, Oh.
Simmons, Frederick M.
Graduated with the Class of 44G, S/N: O-835388. He retired in the USAF reserve as Major in August 1964.
2nd Lt.
Died June 4, 2009 age 88.
Of Vining, MN formerly of Bloomington
Click here to see obituary
Sineath, Robert J.
He graduated from Napier Field, AL (Single Engine), S/N: O-832720. He was in the Combat Crew Training Station at Camp Springs, Washington, D.C. when he was killed in a ground crash in a P-47G (S/N: 42-2527) 3 mi NE of Easton, MD.
2nd Lt.
Singleton, Richard Grant
Ed Mulvey was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Napier Fld, AL. with the Class of 44F, S/N: O-834670. Later he went to Seymour, IN. for Twin Engine training. 2nd Lt.
Elizabeth Singleton, wife.
Of Myrtle Beach, S.C
Sisto, Oronzo R. "Otto"
He graduated from Freeman Field, IN (Multi-Engine). S/N: O-830723. He was at Tyndall Field and was in the 862 Bomb Sqdn, 493rd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force in England, where he is believed to have flown 22 missions.
1st Lt.
Chicago, IL
Born 02/28/1922
Died 11/11/1998
Buried Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside, IL
Click here for his graduation picture.
Smith, Eugene Franklin
He graduated from Napier Field, AL (Single Engine), S/N: O-832725. He was in the 078th Fighter Group 084th Fighter Sqdn (see The 78th Fighter Group in World War II)
1st Lt.
Smith, Robert Avery
Sosnowitz, Donald
He became a bombardier graduating with the Class of 44-13 from San Angelo Field, TX on September 30, 1944 (see the book Bombardier).
Stamford, CT
Stec, Frederick J.
Stephens, Glen Hudson
Wayne Barr was his Instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Napier Field, AL. He was assigned to P-40 training. Later he flew P-47s in Europe with the 404th Fighter Group 507th Fighter Sqdn
1st Lt., later Captain
Pearl Stephans, wife.
Of Pittsford, NY.
Stevenson, John R. Jr.
He graduated with the Class of 44F from Napier Field, AL. S/N: O-834681.
2nd Lt.
Storyk, Irwin M.
Strong, George Vaughn Jr.
He graduated from Napier Field, AL.  O-834685 and served with the 384th Bomb Group, 545th Bomb Squadron which was assigned to the the 8th Air Force in England. 1st Lt.
Blue Bell, PA.
Stutte, Joe Leslie Jr.
He was in the 390th Bomb Group 570th Bomb Sqdn and flew B-17 missions over Germany, France and Holland.
Sullivan, William Sheridan
He graduated from Napier Field, AL. O-832741. He was assigned to P-40 training. Later he was flying P-47’s in the 8th A. F. in England.
Sheffield, IL.
Tevels, Albert Bernard
He graduated from Napier Field, AL.  O-832744. He was assigned to P-40 training. He served in Europe in the 56th Fighter Group 62nd Fighter Sqdn. Helped to collect planes after the war from all over Europe. Went into business making garage doors. Sold out and went back into flying. He got all civilian ratings, Instructor, Instrument, Multi. Eng., etc. and was Manager of a Flight Service in the Rochester N.Y. Monroe County Airport. He was a member of the Q.B’s and of the Civil Air Patrol. Captain
Victor, N.Y.
Tibbets, Milton Colby
Graduated from Napier Fld, AL. O-832749. Was assigned to Randolph Field and then to Cochran Field, Ga.
1st Lt.
Manhassetts, N.Y. 1943
Twitchell, Thomas H.
Graduated from Columbus AAfd, S/N: O-831854. Was in the 007th Bomb Group, 436th Bomb Sqdn as copilot in the McNay B-24 crew. He was sent home from the CBI theater on 20-Oct-1945.
Voss, Jack Francis
Roman Schwartz was his Instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Napier Field, AL., S/N: O-832755, and was assigned to Randolph Field. Later, his B-24 was shot down in China on his 18th mission. He and his crew walked out with the help of Mary Knoll Priests, Communist Chinese and National Chinese Armies. Click here for more information.
1st Lt.
Ann Voss, wife.
Of Sacramento, CA.
Warren, Johnnie L.
Weber, Kenneth Richard
He graduated with the Class of 44F from Napier Field, AL, S/N: O-834696. Retired as Major USAF reserves January 1965
Weeks, Baxter H.
He graduated from Columbus Field, MS. S/N: O-831865. Retired disabled 1LT  USAAF August 1946
Wells, Calvin B.
Williams, Louis A.
Wilson, James W. Jr.
Woods, Angier David Jr.
S/N: O-832763. He was in the Millville AAFd Replacement Training Unit and then the 404th Fighter Group 506th Fighter Sqdn
2nd Lt.
Yahle, Joseph George
S/N: O-834706. He was in the 459th Bomb Group, 757th Bomb Sqdn. He received the Air Medal. Also served in the Korean War. He is documented as a Captain in the USAF reserves in 1958.
2nd Lt. Retired as LTC.
Born Feb. 22, 1923
Died Sep. 3, 1993
See Find-A-Grave
Young, James B. Jr.
Zeit, Walter Wenzel
He graduated with the Class of 44F from Moody Fld, GA as a Flight Officer, S/N: T-63870. Assigned to 12th AF in Italy flying a C-47. Also flew air evac and resupply in Korea. Retired as Major.
Corte Madera, CA.
Born Apr. 3, 1923
Died Oct. 2, 2007
See Find-A-Grave

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