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Class 1942-H

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(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers Sept. 6, 1942)
Anderson, Neal E.
Stanton was his instructor. He graduated with the class of 1942-I, S/N: O-791886.
From Brooklyn, NY
Auderer, Albert F., Jr
May have been in the class of 1942-H or 1942-I at Douglas, as evidenced by his flying accident in a PT-17 (41-25331) at Douglas on Mar. 23, 1942. He was attending Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee when he enrolled in the aviation cadet program. He became a navigator and was shot down in Sicily and rescued wounded comrades from the sea where his plane sank.
On D-Day, his plane was hit by small arms fire and the pilot's arm was broken. He moved the pilot to the back and took the pilot's seat to help bring the plane in. The hydraulics of the plane had been shot away, and he helped get the wheels down by hand.
Of Wolfeboro, NH
Oct 15, 1918 - Nov 29, 1985
Brown, Fred
Was with Piedmont Airlines. Was also head of the Pilot Union.
Bryan, John L.
Carl Anderson was his Instructor. He had Basic at Sumter, S.C. and Advanced at Turner Field, Ga. He went to the Ferry Command (A.T.C.) at Nashville, TN. He flew A-35’s, C-4’s, B-24’s and P-47’s among many others. Later he flew 90 missions over the “Hump”. He was awarded the D.F.C. with a Cluster, and was discharged in Oct 1945 as a Captain.
Jacksonville, FL

He died in 1994.

Burris, George K.
He was in the Ferry Command. Later the Air Transport Command, flying from Miami to Africa and return. He was disharged in 1946.
Knoxville, TN
Castro, Manuel C.
Came to Douglas from Forman College in South Carolina. He graduated with the class of 1942-I, S/N: O-791903. Became a career USAF officer.
Retired October 1967 as LTC.
Fialkoff, Simon
Stanton was his instructor. He became a bombardier with the Class of 43-13 at Big Spring AAFd on September 16.
from New York
Gottlieb, Irwin
He was a graduate of 42I S/N: O-792394. He was a member of the 52nd Fighter Grp, 5th Fighter Sqdn and was MIA and later declared dead after being shot-down in a Spitfire on December 29, 1943. He was based in North Africa and was flying over Italy.
From NY
Harbin, John Henderson Jr.
Harris, W. B.
Stanton was his instructor
Hess, Dean Elmer
Although he was an ordained minister, he enlisted for the air force right after Pearl Harbor. Was sent to Maxwell Field after Christmas 1941. Then sent to Douglas, followed by Shaw Field, Sumter, SC. Then to Napier Field, Dothan, AL for advanced training. Married Mary Lorentz on graduation day. After graduating, he stayed at Napier Field as a flight instructor until he received orders to go to Europe in 1944. He arrived in St. Dizier in October, 1944 to join the 511th Fighter Squadron. Flew 62 missions before May 1945.
In April 1950, he received orders to go to Korea as an information officer. When war broke out, he was transferred to Taegu Air Base to train South Korean pilots. Later he flew approximately 250 combat missions. On Sept 27, 1950, he was sent to Yongdungpo Airfield near Seoul. He received 950 orphans and 80 orphanage staff evacuating from Seoul at an abandoned school on Cheju Island, as part of “Operation Kiddy Car.” Hess and his wife continued to try to raise money for the orphans, and when Hess wrote his autobiography, Battle Hymn, in 1956, attention was given to the cause, and a movie with Rock Hudson as Hess was made. Some have criticized the book and movie as not giving credit to Chaplain (Colonel) Russell L. Blaisdell, Air Chaplain for Fifth Air Force in Korea, and S/Sgt. Merle Y. “Mike” Strang, Chaplain’s Assistant to Blaisdell, who sought out starving and bare orphans and began providing food, clothing and shelter and who worked to evacuate the orphans. However, it is clear that Hess donated all proceeds of his book and movie rights to the orphanage and remained involved in its support. He raised money by speaking engagements and starting a nonprofit to assist war orphans.
Born 06 Dec 1917; Died Mar. 2, 2015. Retired in 1969.
Johnston, James A.
Dudley Reed was his instructor at Douglas. He had  Basic at Shaw Fld, SC and Advanced at Turner Field, Ga. S/N: O-791937. He went into the A.T.C. and flew many ferrying trips across the Atlantic between Brazil and Dakar. Later he was an Over Water Crew Instructor. Later he had a flight service at Ft. Lauderdale. Click here for his bio (a PDF).
See him in a group picture at Douglas.
Penny Johnston, wife

Of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

WWII LT, later Lt. Col.
McLemore, Claude Vaxter
He joined the AAF in December 1941. He graduated from Spence Field, GA Sept 6, 1942. In November he was at the Sarasota (FL) Air Base with the 77th Fighter Sqdn. He flew 135 combat missions in P-38s and P-39s and spent 14 months in the 13th AAF in the South Pacific. He received the Air Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster on Mar. 29, 1944, and an addition 2 OLCs as element leader on April 16 and 19th, 1944. He obtained the rank of Captain on April 13, 1944.
Born Aug. 22, 1920 in Rayville, LA. He died Apr 16, 1986.
Parsons, Douglas V.
Goodman was his instructor. He had Basic at Shaw Field, SC. He graduated from Spence Field, GA. O-361635 Soon was in the SW Pacific flying P-39’s with the 41st Squadron. He flew 276 missions in P-39's and later the  P-47. Click here for his letter about his service (a PDF).
Darlington, SC
Rosenthal, Robert "Rosie"
Probably in class 42H, but not for certain. S/N: O-792349. He was in the 418th Squadron of the 100th Bomb Group, at Thorpe Abbotts in England. In September 1944 his plane was shot down and broke his arm and nose.  He was rescued by the Free French and returned to duty. After 25 missions he and his crew were entitled to go back to the U.S., but Rosenthal volunteered to fly more missions.  On his 52nd mission, his last, he led a mission to bomb Berlin.  Although his B-17 was in flames from a direct hit, he continued to the target to drop his bombs.  He and the crew had bailed out. He was recovered by the Russians just outside of Berlin.  He made his way back to England by way of Poland, Moscow, Kiev, Tehran, Cairo, Greece and Naples. For more information, click here.
Harrison, New York
Siegel, Walter
Born Jan 11, 1918 in New York City. Enlisted Jan. 2, 1942. We believe that he may have had a landing accident causing a ground loop at Turner Field, Albany, GA, on July 9, 1942, while flying an AT-17 (a twin-engine advanced trainer). Released from the service on Dec 29, 1945.
Died Dec. 14, 2002. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Saddle Brook, Bergen County, New Jersey
Sparks, Herbert Paul
He was a graduate of Turner Field 42J, S/N: O-793385. He was a member of the 2nd Ferrying Group 12th Ferrying Squadron and on the 17th of December 1942, he was killed in a mid-air collision near Greenville, Tennessee while flying a Fairchild PT-19A.
From NJ
Styles, Sidney Ray
Born Jan 13, 1920 in Cullman, AL, enlisted Aug. 28, 1941, enlisted as an aviation cadet on Sept. 26, 1941, and entered training on Jan. 1, 1942. He had attended Newberry College in South Carolina as part of the Aviation Cadet program and was sent to Maxwell Field, Alabama for his preflight training. After graduation on Aug. 6, 1942, he was an instructor for a little over a year at the Transition Section of the 4th Ferrying Group, 8th Ferry Squadron at the municipal airport in Memphis, Tennessee. He then went to Europe, probably serving as an air transport pilot. He returned from Europe October 1945 and was stationed at MacDill Field, Tampa, FL. He obtained the rank of Captain. He served another tour of duty at Templehof Air Base in Berlin with the European Air Transport Service in 1947. He was also an airlines flight captain and check pilot.
Partial sources: The Greenville News (Greenville, South Carolina) 13 Feb 1942, Page 2; U.S., World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 [database on-line]; The Cullman Tribune (Cullman, Alabama), Thu, Jan 6, 1944, Page 1; The Cullman Tribune (Cullman, Alabama) 06 Mar 1947, Page 1. Married Dorothy Doris Kilgo on 16 Jan 1943. He died Sept. 17, 1983 in a car accident 3 miles south of Atlanta.
Tosi, Jerome Richard
He had Basic at Macon and Advanced at Moody, GA. He served with the 394th Bomb Grp 585th Bomb Sqdn and was Wounded in Action on April 22, 1944. He was a graduate of Moody Field 42H.
Somerville, MA
Wilmerding, William E.
Stanton was his instructor. S/N: O-792415. He was a B-25 pilot with the 340th Bomb Group 486th Bomb Squadron. He completed his tour in Corsica and then flew a second tour as a P-38 pilot with the 474th Fighter Group, 430th Fighter Squadron in Europe.
Previously lived in Ohio and North Carolina.
1st LT

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