Biography of Paul D. Schlundt

Paul D. Schlundt and Tannie Schlundt of Indianapolis, Indiana. He was in Douglas from December 1941 until December 1944, and was a Squadron Commander for most of that time. After the school closed in Dec. he went to Embry-Riddle Primary School at Arcadia, Florida, and instructed for 6 more months. In Aug. of 1945 he went to work for Roscoe Turner Aero. Corp., Beechcraft Distributors for Indiana. For most of 15 years he was Roscoe Turner’s Chief Pilot in charge of Air Taxi service and an Approved Flying School. Beginning in 1960 he flew for Huber, Hunt and Nichols, Inc., in Indianapolis, Ind.

Schlundt worked for 30 years accumulating the lists of cadets, personnel and trainers found on this web site. His personal contact with the many men and women who served our country and who were involved in the Douglas 63rd AAF Flying Training Detachment led to volumes of correspondence and photos that documented the history of the Douglas 63rd. Much of the information in this site is possible because of the dedicated commitment of Paul Schlundt.