Class 1944-I

(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers Nov. 19, 1944)

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Squadron 8, Class of 1944-I


Ahrendt, William Harold
Robert Rainey was his Instructor. He had Basic at Macon, GA and graduated from Moody Fld, GA.   S/N: O-838852. He became a B-29 Pilot. He was discharged on Dec. 6, 1945. Then he went to college and in 1950 he became a Flight Test Engineer at Wright Patterson A.F.B        2nd Lt.
Pauline Ahrendt, wife.
Of Beavercreek, Ohio
Alcorn, William P.
Augustine, Herbert E.
From his obituary [The Buffalo News]: “an Air Force Lieutenant during WWII”.
Died July 21, 2008
Berliner, Jerome P.
He graduated as a bombardier with the Class of 45-06 at San Angelo AAFd in Texas on March 29, 1945.
Jerome P. Berliner
Best, Kenneth James
Kenneth graduated from Spence Field, GA. S/N: O-838385. He started out flying fighters and then was checked out on B-29 ‘s. His service was all in the U.S.A.   1st Lt.
Virginia Best, wife
Of Sarasota, FL.
Borjesson, Bror C. Jr.
Enlisted 03-09-1943 in California. See FindAGrave
Born Mar. 28, 1923 in AL
Died Mar. 26, 1983 in CA
Burrill, James J. Jr.
Calderon, Rafael Francisco
He graduated from Turner Field, GA.  S/N: O-836633. He served during WWII flying B-24’s and B-29’s and was recalled in 1951 during the Korean War.  2nd Lt.
Lilia Calderon, wife
He was born in El Paso, Texas on April 2, 1925. Died October 7, 2009.
Callow, William C.
Campanile, Anthony H.
Buried Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, Suffolk Co., NY
Chambliss, Norman Y. Jr.
Chezik, John J.
Was the pilot in an USAF airplane accident in April 1945
Born 1924. From Virginia. Died Dec. 15, 2010.
Wife: Evelyn S. Chezik
Collins, Robert M.
Crowe, William Edgar
SN: O-838314. He served with the 40th Bomb Group 44th Bomb Squadron (VHB).
2nd Lt.
Daley, Theodore E.
Dancy, Edward Darwin Jr.
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. F.O. S/N:T-65507. He served in India, Flying the “Hump” in B-24’s. He stayed in the Reserves until 1972 when he retired as a full Colonel.
Elaine Dancy Jr. wife
Of Pensacola Beach, FL.
Davey, Frederick N. Jr.
Enlisted April 08, 1942 in New York. Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Born July 20, 1918
Died Nov 19, 2003
Dawson, Edwin Palmer
Franklin Pierce was his instructor. He had Basic at Cochran, GA and graduated from Spence Field, GA. S/N: T-66558. He ended up in B-29’s.  Flight Officer then 2nd Lt.
Nora Dawson. Wife
Plantation, FL.
Dean, John M.
DeFranco, Spere L.
Delventhal, Harold W.
Harold graduated from Columbus, MS as F.O. He served in China under Gen. Chennault as a B-25 pilot with the 341st Bomb Group 490th Bomb Squadron. 2nd Lt.     See his obituary
Mary Delventhal, wife
Of Napoleon, OH
Born June 21, 1923
Died Nov. 1, 2012
Devlin, Joseph Arthur Jr.
Doben, Frank
He graduated as a bombardier with the Class of 45-06 at San Angelo AAFd in Texas on March 29, 1945 S/N: O-2087028.
Driggers, Harold D.
Born: Mar. 24, 1924
Died: Feb. 8, 2010
Droessler, John V.
Dunlea, Donald F.
From his obituary [Republican, The (Springfield, MA) – Friday, August 14, 2009]: “he enlisted with the Army Air Corps during W.W. II and attained the rank of Corporal while training to become a pilot and received the American Theatre Campaign Ribbon.”
Born: March 9, 1923
Died: August 12, 2009 Springfield, MA.
Dunn, James Douglas
James graduated from Spence Field, GA.  S/N: O-838400. He served in the Pacific and was in Japan.
Shirley Dunn, wife
Of Georgetown, TX.
Durovchic, George M.
From his obituary [Erie Times-News (PA) – Thursday, December 12, 2002]: “He served in the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II.”
Born June 14, 1918, in Erie, PA
Died Dec. 10, 2002
Edgar, Jack
Eggert, William Frederick
His instructor at Douglas was Ferrell? (Probably Charles Sherrill.) He graduated from Blytheville, AR.  S/N: T-66508. He served in the Air Transport Command, flying mainly between the U.S. and England, supplying the 8th A.F.
Mazy Eggert, wife
Of Lewisburg, W. Va.
Engle, Norbert James “Knobby”
Steve Bassford was his Instructor. He had Basic at Macon, GA. He graduated from Blytheville, AR as a F.O.  S/N:T-66509. later he flew B-24’s during W.W.II, and C-46’s in Korea. He retired in 1963 as a Major
Alma Engle,wife
Of Fort Washington, Md
Ennis, Charles
Everhart, Joe R.
Farinelli, Edward J.
Enlisted 02-16-1943.
Born 1922
Died Nov. 3, 2014, age 92.
From Mercer County, NJ.
Later of of Morrisville, PA.
Flowers, William Frederick
S/N: O-838872. He was a Major in the USAF in 1968. Later was LtCol.
DOB: June 24, 1924. Enlisted: Jan 23, 1943 North Carolina.
Frauenfeld, Edwin A.
On Sept. 20, 1944, he had a landing accident in a AT-10 (S/N: 41-26739) at Moody Field, Valdosta, GA. (See
Fritsche, William D.
Fromm, Henry J. Jr.
Ganacoplos, James Peter
Garner, John Denmon
Garofalo, Dante J.
Gentry, Robert R.
Basic at Cochran, Ga and Advanced at Spence Fld, GA., where he was one of the 60% that washed out. He then went to mechanics school and was assigned to India, Burma and China.
Maye Gentry, wife
Of Hawkinsville, Ga.
Gershcow, Sidney M.
Gillis, Joseph L.
Gompf, Calvin Kenneth
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N:  O-838319. He served in WWII in the Pacific and was in Tokyo, Japan. He was also in the Korean war. 1st Lt.
Edna Gompf, wife
Of Towson, MD.
Grabowski, Bernard F.
Gramer, William LeRoy
He graduated from Moody Field, GA. S/N:  T-66851. He served in the Air transport Command flying cargo planes. Lieut.
Chicago, IL.
Greagoff, Justin Joyce
John Sineath was his instructor at Douglas. Click here for a picture of him in his squadron at Douglas. He graduated from Blytheville, AR. F.O.    S/N:  T-66516. He flew B-24’s and served in the Pacific with the 380th Bomb Group in the Philippines.
Elizabeth Greagoff, wife
Of Carencrow, LA.
Greech, John P.
Student Officer: 2nd Lt.
Groggins, Phillip Hafner
Gullicksen, Roy S.
Guyette, Eugene John
He graduated from Moody Fld, GA.    S/N: O-838880. He flew P-38 Lightning 52’s (P-52’s?) but did not go overseas. 1st Lt
Lincoln, Neb
Hall, James William
Hall, Robert H.
Hames, Joseph Hugo Jr.
Hamilton, John D.
Student Officer: 2nd Lt.
Harrington, Edward T.
Hart, John F.
Haugen, Ingwald O.
Enlisted from Washburn, WI on 09-30-1940. Student Officer: 2nd Lt. SN: O-863631.
Born 1918.
Haws, Clark
Heise, Samuel V.
Hickey, Lynn Marshall
Hildreth, H. Stanley
Hirsbrunner, Carl V.
Student Officer: 1st Lt. He appears on the roster of graduates of the Field Artillery Officer Candidate School at
Fort Sill, graduating August 11, 1942 (see
On June 4, 1945, he was the pilot in an accident in a B-17G (S/N: 42-102733) 10 miles NE from Avon Paark AAF
Hoag, James Henry Jr.
S/N: O-838415. He was a Second Lieutenant in the USAAF reserves in 1947.
Hollis, John Walter
Jacks, Ralph D.
Joseph, Laurent Roger
Kazanecki, Teddy T.
Kelso, John Jackson
Kilgore, James J.
“Solly” Solomon was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Columbus, MS. S/N: O-838668. He served in the S.W. Pacific. He flew B-25’s. Major
Margaret Rose Kilgore, wife
Of Columbia, S.C
Klobetanz, Norman LeRoy
Norman says he washed out in Advanced at Blytheville. We have orders from 44i at Blytheville that have him as a graduate S/N: O-838332. He then trained in grade to be a Flight Engineer on B-29’s
Anna Klobotanz, wife
Of Altoona, PA.
Kresa, George Louis
From his obituary [] an Army Air Corps Pilot during WWII, assigned to the 375th Bombardment Squadron and made numerous trips over the ‘Hump’ between India and China to obtain gasoline, bombs, spare parts, and other items they needed to prepare for and sustain their combat operations. The 375th supported Chinese ground forces; attacked airfields, coal yards, docks, oil refineries and fuel dumps in French Indochina; mined rivers and ports; bombed maintenance shops and docks at Rangoon, Burma; attacked Japanese shipping in the East China Sea, Formosa Straits, South China Sea and Gulf of Tonkin. The squadron moved to India in June 1945, ferrying gasoline and supplies from there back into China. George was honorably discharged shortly before the unit sailed for the United States, where it was inactivated on 6 January 1946.” Note that most of this quote is taken from Tony Strotman’s tribute page at
Born February 23, 1923 in Chicago, Il.
Died December 22, 2013
Krusicki / Krasicki?, Richard I.
Kurtz, Horace Frame
LaBarr, Robert
LaBuzeta, Angelo Charles
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N:  O-838333. He was then assigned to Laredo, TX. He served in the U.S.A. flying B-24s. Captain
Rochester, N.Y.
Lake, Searle A.
PFC U.S. Army
Born 1922-197?
Lamm, Jake Thomas
2nd Lt.
Born Mar. 12, 1923
Died Sep. 13, 1991
Lampen, John J.
Lange, Jack Eugene
He received his wings at Blytheville, AR. He went into  B-24’s and then B-29’ s. Before he was ready to go over seas, the Bomb was dropped and he was soon released. 2nd Lt.
Catherine “Cathy” Lange,wife
Of Shiremanstown, PA
Lange, Oscar Charles
Stephen Bassford was his instructor at Douglas. He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-838335. He went into B-24’s and then B-29’s. Before he was ready to go over seas, the Bomb was dropped and he was soon released. 2nd Lt.
Eileen Lange, wife
Of Allentown, PA.
Lanier, Tyler M.
Little, Leland B.
Lum, Monte E. Jr.
Lupton, James R. Jr.
Enlisted 06-17-1941. Student Officer: 1st Lt.
Born 1919 in Virginia.
MacBean, Edward C.
Student Officer: 2nd Lt.
Marmesh, Michael
Ken Landis was his instructor at Douglas. He served in the Pacific area flying B-29’s.  1st Lt.
Sarah Marmesh, wife.
Of Miami, FL.
Martine, Robert Paul
He graduated from Moody Field,  S/N: O-838336. He was assigned to Laredo, TX. A.F.B. He was killed flying as co-pilot in a B-24 accident near March Field, Cal. May 4, 1945. 2nd Lt.
Pittsburgh, PA
Wife, Jane L. Martine.
Mathis, Leon E. Jr.
McArthur, Kermit D.
McCloy, Russell Alexander
He graduated from Moody Field, GA as P.O. He flew B-29’s in the U.S.A. The war was over before he was sent overseas.  2nd Lt.
Barbara McCloy, wife
Ft. Myers, FL.
McNicholas, John J.
Messelt, Russell Louis
Middlemas, Arthur Duncan
He may be the same Arthur D. Middlemas, 2nd Lt., as one listed as S/N: O-2838378 /  Pilot, Smillie’s Crew 380 Bomb Grp, 531 Bomb Sqdn. in 1945. See
Born 1920
Died 1995
Of New Jersey
Middleton, Henry McQuinn Jr.
He graduated from Blytheville, AR.  S/N: O-838337. Was assigned to Laredo, TX. He stayed in the Air Force until retiring on Sept. 1, 1969. Lt. Col.
Betty Middleton, wife
Of Panama City, Fla.
Mignot, Charles Ernest
Mitchell, William J.
He graduated from Columbus, MS. as a F.O. S/N: T-66719. He flew B-24’s in the 15th Air Force.
Scenery Hill, PA.
Moore, Willis A. Jr.
Morgan, Harold L.
Morse, Aaron
Moyer, Martin Jr.
Murphy, John E.
Student Officer: 2nd Lt.
Nickels, Frank
Nickels, Wallace Edwin
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-838379
2nd Lt.
Noveroske, Norman Lee
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-838380. Was assigned to Laredo, TX.
Catherine Noveroske, wife
Of Michigan City, IN.
Orvis, Harold Heacock
He graduated at Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-838340 and then assigned to Laredo, TX. Then assigned to the 360th Air Service, flying B-24s on Okinawa. The war ended and he spent the rest of the time making supply runs in a C-47. He was discharged at the end of the war, but stayed in the Reserves. He practiced Internal Medicine and was also a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner.
Ruth Orvis, wife
Of West Chester, Pa.
Owens, Maurice A.
Paulson, Arthur Joseph
He graduated with the Class of 44J S/N: T-067518. Then he went through Troop Carrier Command training at Blytheville, AR.
Payne, Charles Lewis Jr
Pellegrini, John Jr.
John graduated from Blytheville, AR.   S/N: O-838341. He went to the Pacific and was in Japan flying B-24’s. 1st Lt.
Jeanne Pellegrini, wife
Of West Bend, Wis
Phillips, Dale Winchell
Phillips, Wallace Robert
Student Officer: 1st Lt. S/N: O-1035338
Pierce, Frank Swarthout
S/N: O-838927. He was flying a B-25J under the direction of the Air Transport Command / South Atlantic Division (1159th AAFBU) and was killed in a flying accident on Ascension Island on June 11, 1945. The airplane crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff and sank after a few seconds. He and 2 others were never found; three other crewmen survived (MACR #15403).
From New York
Probe, John George
Pulaski, Eugene C.
Reck, John H.
Reibe, Clifford William
From his obituary [Chicago Tribune, May 28, 2006] “Cliff was an Army Air Corps pilot during WWII. He graduated from the Univ. of IL with a degree in engineering and worked as a chemical engineer for Sinclair/ARCO for over 30 years.”
Born March 17, 1925, in Milwaukee
Died May 25, 2006.
Of Napierville, IL.
Relford, Otha L.
Rinaldi, Suido Joseph
S/N: T-66539. He was a Flight Officer serving as a B-24 copilot with the 492nd Bomb Group flying clandestine missions out of Harrington Aerodrome in England.
Ritchie, William David
Ragan Eidson was his Instructor. He had Basic at Macon, GA and he graduated from Blytheville, AR.  S/N: O-838345. Later he ferried B-24’s to Italy. Captain
Cortez Ritchie, wife
Of Mendham, N.J.
Rizzari, Alfred E.
Robinson, Danforth R.
He graduated as a bombardier with the Class of 45-15 at Big Spring AAFd in Texas in May 1945.
From East Aurora, NY
Click here for a group picture. (Group photo shows Douglas R. Robinson, but the photo is likely of Danforth.)
Ross, Wallace
Enlisted February 05, 1943in Des Moines, Iowa.
Born 1922
Rotondi, Paul C.
Charles Hoeffler was his Instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Macon, GA. Paul washed out at Advanced while flying P-40’s at Moody Field, GA. He went on to be commissioned as a Bombardier-Navigator on a B-29. He graduated as a bombardier with the Class of 45-14 at San Angelo AAFd in Texas on May 24, 1945. 2nd Lt.
Click here for a group picture.
Click for a listing of his service (PDF).
Marie Rotondi, wife
Of Mantoloking, N.J. and Cliffside Park, NJ
Click here for a group picture with his Dad
Rowe, Charles Edward
Russell, Richard M.
Sayers, Robert Gorton
Scherler, Arnold Eduard Jr.
Schmucker, Stuart M.
On May 6, 1944, he had a landing accident in a PT-17 (S/N: 42-16161) resulting in a ground loop. From his obituary [Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA) – Monday, July 20, 2009]:”Stuart graduated from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York with a degree in Chemistry and then served in the US Air Force, receiving an honorable discharge in 1945.”
June 16, 1922 – July 15, 2009
Click here for a group picture
Schut, Donald Warren
Schutt, Carlton E.
Wilson Myers was his Instructor. He was in Squadron 8 (see picture at top of page). He had Basic at Macon, GA and he graduated from Blytheville, AR and was assigned to Laredo, TX. He went into B-24’s. Later he was checked out in B-29’s at Maxwell Field. He was recalled for the Korean War. A long military career followed. He retired in Sept. 1973 as a Colonel.
Schwarm, Samuel
Schwartz, Samuel
Searle, Harvey R.
Harvey washed out in Advanced at Blytheville, AR. Then became a Navigator and Bombardier (S/N: O-2088813) Class of 45-13N. He bombed Japan with the Norden Bombsight. He was recalled and flew 63 missions in Korea. He continued with his military career and retired after 30 years on 1971.  Lt. Col.
Louise Searle, wife
Moorestown, N.J.
Click here for a group picture
Segal, Forman
Sentz, Richard Samuel
December 16, 1922-April 17, 2013
Resided in Annapolis, MD
Buried Maryland Veteran’s Cemetery, Crownsville, MD
Sherman, Russell G.
If same Russell G. Sherman as this obituary [Register-Mail, The (Galesburg, IL) – Tuesday, August 20, 2013]: “An honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran serving in both World War II and the Korean Conflict, retiring as a lieutenant colonel from the Army Reserves after 23 years of dedicated service.”
Feb. 20, 1921, in Maquon, IL
Died Aug. 17, 2013
Shirkey, Robert Bruce
Robert graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-838353. He was a B-17 Pilot during W.W.II. He made a 25 year career of the Air Force. Lt. Col.
Click here for his picture.
Bertha Shirkey, wife
Of Birmingham, Ala
Shultz, Clair Robert
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N: O-838354. He became a Co-Pilot on B-24’s. They put a crew together and went to Westover, MA. ready to go to Europe. The war was then finished in Europe, so the went toward the west coast to go to the Pacific. The bomb was dropped and that cancelled the Pacific tour. Then he went to Korea as a C-47 Pilot flying 50 missions.  1st Lt.
Simatic, Walter
Bert Hood was his Instructor. He graduated from Moody Field, GA and did all of his Service in the U.S.A. mainly in the S.E. part of the country.
Susan Simatic, wife.
Of Jefferson, Pa
Skotleski, Leonard S.
Became a gunner in the 455th Bomb Group on a B-24 (see On Apr 25, 1945, on his 18th mission, his bomber took heavy flak over Linz, Austria and crash landed near the Adriatic Sea.
Died Aug 1990
Slavich, Michael
He graduated from Spence Fld, GA as a F.O. S/N: T-66597. He remained a Flight Officer. His service was all in the U.S.A. He was based at Walla Walla, Wash, and flew B-24’s
Jeanne Slavich,wife.
Of St. Helens, Ore.
Slobodecki, Frank A.
He apparently washed out of flight training. He spent the war as a Mechanic working on B-25’s and B-26’s. He may have been a Sergeant. He was discharged at the end of the war. He spent a short time in the Reserves
Chicago, IL
Smith, Frank Dixon
Frank graduated from Spence Field, GA. S/N: T-66598. His service was all in the U.S.A. including delivering P-40’s to the “Bone Yard”.
Laura Smith, wife
Of Norfolk, VA
Smith, Thomas Wayne
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. as a F.O. S/N: T-66545. He was in the 10th A.F. He flew B-24s in the C.B.I. Theatre. He was awarded the Asia Pacific Star, Air Medal, The Distinguished Unit Badge and the China War Memorial WWII Victory Medal.
Greensburg, PA
Specht, Howard W.
He was killed on a training flight while in Advanced school at Moody Field, Valdosta, Ga. in 1944
Spurrier, John C.
He graduated as a bombardier with the Class of 45-11 at Big Spring AAFd in Texas on May 3, 1945.
Click here for a group picture
From Baltimore, MD
Sterling, Robert Jonathan
Stern, Philip
Stevens, Frederick J.
Stevens, Raymond C.
From probably his obituary [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA) – Monday, October 24, 2011]: “He proudly served his country in the Air Force and was stationed in the Pacific during World War II.”
Died Oct. 22, 2011
Stickles, Melvin R.
Stilwell, Clifford George
Stokes, Charles Lee
Charles graduated from Blytheville, AR.     S/N: O-838360. He served in the China, Burma, India Theatre flying bombers. He was in the occupation of Japan after the war. He flew in the Berlin Air Lift and in Korea. He was awarded a Bronze Star. Then he flew KC-97 refueling planes for S.A.C. and was an Operations Officer. LTC
Grace Stokes, wife
Of Freeport, PA
Storms, Robert Emerson
From his obituary [St. Petersburg Times (FL) – Sunday, June 6, 2010]: “He flew B-24’s in WWII”.
Born at Ft. Banks, Winthrop, MA
Died June 2, 2010
Buried Bay Pines National Cemetery
Streich, Herbert E.
Strine, LeRoy K.
Stuhr, Charles John
He graduated from Blytheville, AR. S/N:  T-66546. He served in the Phillipines at Clark A.F.B
Delores Stuhr, wife.
Of Butler, Wis
Suiter, Herman F.
Swain, Francis C.
He graduated from Moody Field, Ga with class 44K, and was assigned to stay at Moody to instruct there. Next to Dodge City, Kans. for B-26 training. Then to Pampa, TX. after which he was discharged. 2nd Lt.
Agnes Swain, wife
Of Paradise Valley, AZ
Tate, Douglas Brown
Thompson, D.
Thompson, Ray W.
Thompson, Willis R.
Trost, Gilbert Earl
He graduated from Blytheville Army Air Field, AR. S/N: O-838364. Served in Korea and Vietnam. After the War he flew B-47s, logging 2000 hours (see
Click here for a group picture.
Retired as Lt. Col.
Born Nov 15, 1922
Died Mar 18, 2008
Enlisted: 02-22-1943
Ussach, Martin L.
Born 1924, New York
Enlisted 26 Jun 1943
Van Horn, Lyle Raymond
Van Rankin, Richard
Vance, Robert A.
If this is the right obituary [Petoskey News-Review (MI) – Wednesday, January 14, 2009]: “Robert served in the United States Army Air Force during World War II”.
From obit:
Born Aug. 30, 1923, in Terra Haute, Ind
Died Jan. 11, 2009, in Huntingdon, Pa.
Vance, Thomas Gordon
Harley Pickett was his instructor at Douglas. He had Basic at Macon, GA and graduated at Blytheville, AR.   S/N: O-838365. He was based at Mitchell Field flying B-24’ s. He was scheduled to go to Europe but became ill. He finally got to Europe in 1946 for a year. 1st Lt.
Carley Vance, wife
Of Phoenix, AZ
Vashaw, Frank W.
Venhuizen, William H.
He graduated from Columbus, MS. and served in the U.S.A. flying B-29’s. 1st Lt.
Cleo Venhuizen, wife.
Of Holland, Mich
Viletto, Felix A.
See his obituary here.
Born Jan. 16, 1925, in Arnold, NY
Died Nov. 26, 2002
Wadsworth, Raymond Joseph
Charles Hoeffler was his instructor at Douglas. He served in the Pacific Area. He flew 7 missions from I E Shima. Afterward he worked for Eastern Airlines for 12 years and 2 more for Alaska Airlines. 2nd Lt.
Muriel Wadsworth, wife.
Of St. Louis, MO.
Walter, Robert B.
Watts, Edgar Edward Jr.
Served WWII, Korea and Vietnam (see FindAGrave).
Born Dec. 21, 1921
Died Nov. 7, 1998
Welton, Robert H. B. Jr.
He graduated from Columbus AAFd, MS (S/N: O-838714) and was then assigned to Morris Field for transition training into attack bombers.
2nd Lt.
Born Sep. 26, 1924
Died Jan. 16, 1970
See FindAGrave
White, John W.
Williamson, Jesse Brooks
Wilsman, Douglas H.
Enlisted 18 May 1943 in Milwaukee
Wyatt, Lloyd J.
Yates, DeWitt Talmadge Jr.
He graduated from Blytheville, AR as F.O.  S/N: T-66550. “Served as a pilot” per FindAGrave. 1st Lt.
Ruth Yates , wife.
Of Burgaw, N.C.
Born Dec. 9, 1923 in Virginia.
Died June 6, 1997
Yost, Douglas A.
Zbiegien, Stanley J.