Squadron G – Class of 1943-F


Squadron G of the Douglas class of 44-F

Front row: instructors (L to R) – Pressley, Wydetic, Roman, DuPraw, Hoeffler, Culbertson, Haygood, Annin, Gormell
Middle row: Meltzer, Matthias, Ross, Rosenstein, Samsom, Salem, Thalman (Sq. C.O.), Mason, Sheedy, Redfield, Owen, Pendergist, Mosier
Back row: Meiers, Schacter, S.S. Rogers, Sherwin, Lt. Hunter, Ott, Robertson, L.E. Rogers, Otis, Powell, Olmstead, Pearson, Schiers, Pagean, Orme

Photo submitted by Roy Pendergist.