James L. Blanchard

European Theater

S/N: O-464693

Highest rank: 1st Lieutenant.

Died: Sept. 19, 1944

MACR (Missing Air Crew Report): #8794.

Lt. Blanchard was a member of the 8th Fighter Command, 357th Fighter Group, 362nd Fighter Squadron.

On Sept. 19, 1944 he left location AAF F-373 to provide area support for the 1st Airborne Army in the vicinity of Arnheim Holland. He was flying a P-51-D-5 (S/N: 44-13741). [Editor: Note that Operation Market Garden was Sept. 17-25.] He was apparently shot down and not found.

According to a statement by Raymond T. Conlin, the flying element leader,

“Lt. Blanchard was flying my wing. We flew into a dogfight in the vicinity of Ijsselstein, Holland and broke to the left to make an attack. The first time I noticed that Lt. Blanchard wasn’t with me was when I got tracers and cannon fire over my wing. I did not see him again.”