Joseph William Weyrick

Pacific Theater

Highest rank achieved: Col.

He was born in Arizona on May 29, 1920.

Wife: Norma Weyrick

Honors: Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Service Commendation medal.

He was a West Point Cadet (13890) in Douglas. He completed basic and advanced training but then went back to the regular army. In 1944-45 he was in Field Artillery, 7690 Battalion in the Pacific Theatre. During the Korean War he was in the 2nd Division Hdqts. Korean Military Advisory Group, 1952-53. Was awarded the Bronze Star. In 1960-62 he was Btn. Commanding Officer, 81st and 9th Artillery. Next he was in the Office Ass’t Chief of Staff, Hdqts. D. A. 1963-64 and again in 1968-70 with time in between as a Army Attache in the Dominican Republic. Awarded Legion of Merit and Joint Service Commendation Medal. Next it was Hdqts. U. S. Army Veterans, 1970-71. Then Hdqts. Ft. Jackson in 1971-73 (Legion of Merit). He retired as Colonel in 1973.