Class 1942-G

(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers Aug. 5, 1942)

Brady, John D.
He had Basic at Shaw Field and Advanced at Spence Field, GA. He was flying B-17’s when he was shot down over Munster on his 20th or 21st mission. He was a prisoner of war from Oct., 1943 to Apr. 29, 1945. See

Click here for his service, awards, and Missing Air Crew Report.

Esther Brady, wife.

Of Laurel, MD

Burke, L.
Washed out at Douglas.
East, Dick
Foster, William C.
Washed out at Douglas and returned to Maxwell Field.
Jim Ruark was his instructor. Last contact he was finishing Basic at Shaw Field, May 1942
Highfield, Harlan E.
Paul Schlundt was his instructor. Graduated Primary Mar. 12, 1942. Had Basic at Shaw and Advanced at Spence Field, Moultrie, Ga. S/N: O-791105. He was a member of the 79th Fighter Grp 87th Fighter Sqdn and a POW in Stalag 7A after being shot-down on March 29, 1943.

He was from Delaware.

Holmes, Weldon F.
He went to England in the spring of 1943 with the 399th Bomb Group. His B-17 was shot down by fighters over Hamburg, Germany on June 25, 1943. Three of his crew were wounded and two killed. He was in Stalag Luft #3 until liberated by Patton in May 1945. Click here for more information.

Or click here to see a YouTube video produced by his son (he talks about his experience at Douglas starting at about 20 minutes into the video)

Lt. Colonel.

Wife: Phyllis Holmes.

Of Treasure Island, Fla.

Karl, J.F.
Paul Schlundt was his instructor. Washed out at Douglas.
LaPorte, Mike? (Joe)
Probably 1st Lt. Michael LaPorte S/N: O-791123 (MIA / KIA) in a B-17E while flying for the 5th A.F., 43rd Bomb Group, 65th Bomb Squadron (H). Took off from 7-Mile Drome at Port Moresby on Sept. 2, 1943, one of twelve attacking Cape Gloucester Airfield, New Britain Island. Numerous Japanese fighters intercepted the formation. This bomber was lost, but there were no witnesses to the loss. The plane had to fly at 5,000 feet to drop their bombs. When last seen they were flying directly toward a mountain 7,000 feet high that was to the left of the target. “The weather was such that the men flew blind without even knowing when they crashed.” The 43rd Bomb Group records state “subject aircraft missing on a mission over Lae”. The entire crew was declared dead on January 14, 1946 and are memorialized on the tablets of the missing at Manila American Cemetery.
1st Lt.

Pacific Theater

From NY

MACR #14147

Jim Ruark was his instructor. Last contact he was finishing Basic at Shaw
Later was in B-26’s at McDill Field in Tampa.
McGowan, D.H.
Paul Schlundt was his instructor. He had Basic at Shaw Field, Sumter, SC
McMullen, R.F.
Paul Schlundt was his instructor. Washed out at Douglas
Menges, Roger G.
Paul Schlundt was his instructor. Soloed Feb. 18, 1942. Graduated March 24, 1942. He had Basic at Shaw Field, SC and Advanced at Moody Field, GA. Later was flying B-26’s at McDill field at Tampa. Probably the same person as Roger Menges assigned to the 459th BG 758th Squadron flying a B-24 liberator # 42-78388 that was struck by German antiaircraft fire over Budapest, Hungary. He became a P.O.W. (MACR #6341.)
Rosenberg, Robert W.
Washed out at Douglas. Returned to Maxwell.
Williams, William G.
Possibly the same person as William G. Williams who was in the 319th Bomber Group, 440th Bomber Squadron flying a B-26 (S/N: 41-34874) shot down 03/02/44 by fighters and ditched in the Mediterranean. Survivors were pilot Lt. Daniel H Callihan, co-pilot Lt. William G. Williams, and engineer-gunner Joseph E Rafferty. Losses: bombardier and 2 gunners.
Wysocki, R.