Class 1942-E

(Scheduled to graduate from Advanced as officers on May 31, 1942)

Allen, Charles Burke
He had basic at Greenville, and graduated from Spence Field. He served as a flight instructor in England during WWII (European Theater). He was discharged in 1945. Awards: Air Force Cross
Major. Wife: Arlene Allen.
He graduated from the Univ. of Maryland in 1941. He was with J. E. Greiner Co. for 25 years, where he secured contracts for construction projects. He was a golfer, fisherman, and wildlife artist. He was a member of the Board of the First National Bank and Chairman of the State Aviation Commission. He died on Aug. 24, 1990.
He graduated from Spence Field. He was soon in the S.E. Gunner School. Later went to India with the Second Air Commando Group.   Click here for more information.
Wife Gretty Charpie
Of Chattanooga, TN.
He became a Bombardier in the 38th Bomb Group. After he returned from overseas he was sent to Midland Texas, where he was an instructor. He flew an AT-11 for 250+ hours. He made a career of the Air Force. He left service in 1967. Click here for more information
Highest rank achieved: Lt. Col.
Died: October, 1995
Freeman, James E.
He went to Bush Field for Basic and to Turner Field for Advanced. Later he was in England and towed gliders on D Day. Then on to Italy, He did some bad weather flying. He was a friend of Jim Craig.
Highest rank achieved: Lt. Col.
Wife: Betty Freeman
Of Towson, MD.
No further information.