Smartphone Walking Tour Introduction

WELCOME to the 63rd Army Air Forces Contract Pilot School (Primary)!

This pilot school started when it became clear that American involvement in World War 2 (World War II) appeared likely and the U.S. had a severe shortage of pilots. The school was taught by civilian contractors but was overseen by the U.S. Army Air Corps, later called the U.S. Air Force. About 7000 aviation cadets came through this base for 9 weeks of pilot training. The school was called a primary flying school because it is where the cadets made their first flight in PT-17 Stearman biplanes and their first solo flight.

The Walking Tour of the historic area is about a half mile in length. For this tour, follow the numbers in order on the map on the next page. Click on the numbered red marker for information that opens in a page about each stop.  The stops go around Airport Circle and then back across the grass behind the Museum.

You will need to turn on your Data access to view the web site. The tour requires the use of mobile data.

If your device has a GPS receiver and you have activated the Location option or standalone GPS function (allowing your location to be used in applications), you will see a yellow star at your location. If you have no GPS receiver or have not activated the Location option, you will see no yellow star.

Please watch your step for uneven ground.

To open the map and begin the tour, click here.